Top 30 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Women

Located on the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, Ethiopia is bordered by countries such as Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, and the Sudan. Ethiopia is home to a rich and beautiful culture steeped in history. Many agree that some of the most beautiful African women come from the country of Ethiopia.

Due their stature, body type, and bone structure Ethiopian women have long been held in high esteem by the fashion industry and modeling community. This is why you will notice that this list of 30 of the most beautiful Ethiopian women contains so many models and beauty queens.

30 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Women

Here are the 30 most beautiful Ethiopian Women in the world. These numbers are not intended as a ranking system. This is not a count down or a review on whom is the most beautiful out of the 30. Each woman is beautiful in her own natural way and displays how strikingly beautiful Ethiopian women can be.

1. Yordanos Teshager (super model)

Yordanos Teshager

2 Helen Getachew (Miss Ethiopia Universe 2012)

Helen Getachew

3. Gelila Bekele (model and social activist)

Gelila Bekele

4. Bewunetwa Abebe (model)

Bewunetwa Abebe

5. Liya Afa (model)

Liya Afa

6. Zewdy Awalom (Ethiopian American singer)


7. Belean Getachew (model)


8. Sara Nuru (model in Germany)


9. Melkam Micael Endala (Miss Ethiopia 2010)


10. Eyaluta Seifu (model)


11. Tirunesh Dibaba (long distance track runner, current Olympic champion in the 10,000 meter, winner of 4 world track titles and 5 world cross titles)


12. Fershgenet Melaku (rapper, model, actress)


13. Yityish “Titi” Aynaw (Miss Israel 2013, born in Ethiopia emigrated to Israel)


14. Liya Kebede (model, clothing designer)


15. Tegest Mesfin (model)


16. Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye (Miss Intercontinental Africa 2009, Miss Ethiopia World 2010)


17. Dina Fekadu (Miss Ethiopia 2006)


18. Lydia Asghedom (model, Finalist America’s Next Top Model 2008)


19. Israela Avtau (model)


20. Blen Getahun (model)


21. Tahounia Rubel (model in Israel, TV personality)


22. Sayat Demissie (model, singer, actress)


23. Senait Gidey (model in Canada)


24. Zeudi Araya (Italian actress of Ethiopian descent)


25. Mearg “Magi” Tareke (super model)


26. Melat Yanti (model, singer)

Melat Yanti

27. Jiitu Abraham (model)

Jittu Abraham

28. Joy Suzanne Grazer (Photography model)


29. Rahel Debebe (Miss Ethiopia contestant)


30. Mhadere Tigabe (run way model)


If you want to learn more about Ethiopia and its inhabitants there are many resources for you on google or at your local library. Better yet why not plan a trip to Ethiopia to see its beauty with your own eyes. Ethiopian women love brothas, too!

Advice on Dating & Marrying Ethiopian Women

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There is always more good than harm that come from learning about other countries, continents, and cultures so enjoy.

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  1. This is very true. Ethiopians are by far the prettiest women on Earth, but they internally are also the kindest and most amazing people you can ever meet. Religiously, they are very strong and connected to God. And they DO NOT mess around. They are top-notch and get work done. They can be very beautiful too. They are incredibly mannered and sacrificing for others and themselves. If you get an Ethiopian woman, keep her, you WON’T regret it. But, be careful, they don’t play…so great with a smile, try to make their day! And, I should know, my mother is an Ethiopian women, and I am too!

  2. No one, i mean no one should have ptoblem finding info about Ethiopian women today.Thanks to internet,everything is out there,just google it. For African brothers and sisters,no more visa required.There fore just drop by in Addis and enjoy your choice.

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  4. Black people all over the world: stop letting racist propaganda divide you. At the end, no group is better than the other group. Stop being ignorant. Racists want to kill, destroy and/or oppress us all. Get a clue!

  5. To Black American guys who want to date Ethiopian women, there is one thing you should take in mind.
    * the media that has been working against Our Black american brothers seems to convince/influence Ethiopian women. Like americans are aggressive, violent and the like. As an communication scholar, I would recommend how you should break the barriers:
    #1- take 2 minute to memorize 2 Amharic konjo, endet nesh? ( hi, lovely) instantly, she gives you warm smile.
    #2, approach her with broad and genuine smile (avoid dry face)
    #3 when speaking to her or someone while she is around, speak humbly (do not shout)
    #4 avoid slurs that is considered to be rude in our culture.
    Note, why is this all? Because what the mass media have been telling the world about the Black Americans is not good. So you need to proved her the perception is wrong. (Keep in mind, even if you two are Blacks, you two have utterly different culture.) Love to you all

  6. Number 9 isn’t Miss Ethiopia 2010. It’s a model who lives in Las Vegas named Betty, and her Instagram handle is @beedoelv. Get your facts right. This publication is weak for that, all Ethiopians do not look the same.

  7. Are you crazy??!!!! Liya Afa (current #5) should be #1 by a WIDE margin! That is one of the hottest women of all time!!!!!!!!

    Long hair and thin noses ain’t everything. Open your eyes, man!

  8. Comment: I wish you know a lot more than you heard. b/c it seems to you a joke but it’s real . perhaps you get a chance to see ETHIOPIAN women in your life & you’ve to know they don’t give a shit to your point less drama. a religious people with natural beauty ain’t like any other country . frankly speaking am not saying this just bc am ethiopian it’s true weather you like it or not.

  9. I read this article before I traveled to Addis Ababa. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Ethiopian culture is huge here. I was curious about the women. This article motivated me to visit Addis Ababa. I can’t wait to go back. I also referenced this article in my blog.

  10. they are no doubt beautiful, but I believe u can find beauty every where, no one can possibly go round the whole world. we mostly base our judgments on what we have seen or heard of. when truthfully every people is unique in their own way. what one race has, the other doesn’t.
    these pictures are made up of models and actors, well I think in every one’s culture models are the prettiest. just saying

    • No one even likes u so sit tf down, what do you want them to wear…a wig, we all know your hair isn’t rea…oh wait u probably don’t even have any ZENEBE! You Are ugly, not worth shit, a disgrace to your whole family for saying that, and your life is miserable bitch

  11. They are generally a strange people. Not very freindly with Blacks, in fact most are terrified of us. There are many here in Oakland, California. I wish there were a lot less.

    • We are NOT scared of you. We just don’t want to associate with the violent and brainless African Americans. Please be respectful to all Africans and we can get along fine.

    • show some respect, you are talking about a free people with history that spans 5000 years, a cradle of civilisation; who were never colonised nor defeated by anybody too date. who are you?

    • I’m an African American Black and I’ve never had that experience with Ethiopian Blacks at all..Not I’m only speaking for my experience living in Los Angeles..I usually attract Ethiopian woman.And the times that I had have been very pleasant.

    • Couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually had the honor of dating two women from Ethiopia. They are the sweetest women ever IF They are into you. Trust me you will know they do not play games. In Elementary school I had a good friend named Kidan and his sister was out of this world beautiful. They are hard to find but well worth the effort of seeking them out as Ethiopia is the beginning of all mankind. Blessings. #willjayb