The Colombian government has visas categorized base on the purpose of your visit. This article will provide you with visa information that you need when traveling to Colombia.

Different Types of Visas

When traveling to Colombia you do not have to make an appointment for your visa; however, you should visit your consulate. While visiting your consulate, ensure you know the type of visa needed for your travel. Colombian visas are in three categories. They include the following.

1. Temporary visa: These are visas used by students, spouses, refugees, church members, crewmembers, NGO volunteers, and parents to citizens of Columbia.

2. Business visas: These visas are used by businesspersons or managers, foreign trade as well as those that deal with infrastructure for Colombia.

3. Mercosur visas: These visas are eligible to citizen from Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

If your visa does not fall under these three categories, you can check other visa categories on the website for Ministry of Foreign affairs.

For visas that have a longer duration than the stipulated 90 days, it is imperative for such visa holders to register their visas with the Colombia immigration office within 15 days of arrival to avoid fine if they will stay longer. This registration ensures that you have a return ticket with the same extended visa when you decide to return. If you fail to register your visa, you will be denied return entry to Colombia.

Entry & Exit Requirements for Colombia


First, you need a valid passport that has at least 6 months of validity. Secondly, you also need a visa to get into Colombia.


You do not need a visa if you are from America, Japan, Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. All that visitors from these countries get is a small visa fee for a stay of 90 days maximum. In addition, a customs form is given to visitors who arrive by plane. Ensure you keep this form with you during your stay in Colombia and have it with you as you depart. The customs form is never checked during departure; nevertheless, you may face a stiff fine if you fail to provide it during departure.

Entry stamps

An entry stamp is appended on to all visitors’ passports and a 90-day tourist visa is provided. It is imperative to counter check the stamp and dates listed in the visa in case of errors. This applies to those who come in via airplane. There are heavy fines imposed in case you continue your stay in Colombia after the 90-days provided. Furthermore, you may be barred from coming back to Colombia in the future. In case you are coming into Colombia over land, you will get an entry stamp too.

Extension of a visa

You can seek an extension of up to 3 months stay in Colombia. All you need to do is visit the migrations office in Colombia. You will require your passport as well as two photocopies of the same. In addition, the migrations office requires two recent passport size photos presented to their office during the process. The process normally takes either the entire morning or entire afternoon depending on the time you choose to visit the migrations office in Colombia.

Finally, never forget to get the departure stamp once you are leaving Colombia. This may cause some problems the next time you intend to travel there again.