Filipina Girlfriend

Filipino women are some of the cutiest girls in Asia and many men are thinking about getting a Filipina girlfriend in the Philippines.

In this guide, you’ll learn some important tips & advice on getting a Filipina girlfriend, managing your relationships, do’s and donts as well as general safety advice to avoid serious issues.

Meeting Filipino Women

The first step to getting a Filipina GF is to start chatting with Filipinas online and testing the waters.

Most (if not all) filipinas speak English and they speak the best English out of all Asian women in my opinion. This is because the Philippines is a former English colony and English is taught in elementary school.

FilipinoCupid is the best overall dating site to find a Filipina girlfriend because it’s the largest site in the Philippines and the girls are more relationship-minded than other sites.


It’s a good idea to create an account on FC because the Philippines is a very far trip from places like America, UK and Canada and you don’t want to travel so far without doing some research on the locals girls first.

Nowadays, it’s easy to add a girl to your WhatsApp or Facebook and voice chat with her to see what she looks like and build a deeper connection.

Many western guys meet the girl of their dreams on FIlipinoCupid and it’s a great site if you.

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Staying in Touch

Once you meet a girl online, it’s easy to connect with her as I mentioned before. Filipina girls use a ton of different apps to connect with their boyfriends including:

First, you’ll need to ask her for her local Philippines number, which begins with +63 country code.

Add the number to your contacts then search for her using any of the social networking apps above.

Not only is it easy to chat with her, but you can do free internet voice calls to get to know her better.

Visiting Your GF

After chatting with your GF back and forth, you’ll eventually want to meet your Filipina in person by flying to the Philippines.

Flights are pretty affordable and major airport hubs like NYC, LA and Bangkok all have lots of cheap flights going to Manila.

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and most guys fly there first and spend a few days in the city before visiting their GF.

Downtown Manila
Downtown Manila

If your GF lives outside of Manila, you can book a cheap flight to her city using the following airlines:

Air Asia is the cheapest of them all but I usually fly Philippines Airlines.

There’s also lots of buses available to visit your GF but be prepared for longer travel times.

Taking Care of Your Filipina Girlfriend

Filipino women make great girlfriends but the average salary in the Philippines is only around $200 per month (10,000 PHP). Many girls either work low-paying jobs or don’t work at all.

There’s a practice in the Philippines known as “shouldering” where family members or loved ones who make good money support other people in their family.

That’s why many Filipina girls will ask their foreign boyfriends to send money to help with their monthly expenses.

It’s common practice in the Philippines and many girls with jobs are sending money back to their province to take care of their families.

Taking care of your girlfriend is perfectly normal but you don’t want to spend too much money because a little bit of foreign currency goes a long way in SE Asia.

Should You Send Money To Your Filipina Girlfriend?

$200 to $300 (10,000 to 15,000 PHP) is a decent allowance to take care of your GF without spoiling her silly.

If your filipina girlfriend lives in the province outside of the city, $100 to $200 (5,000 to 10,000 PHP) is more than enough.

There are several popular ways to send money to your GF including:

Other than money, you can also buy some nice gifts for your gf. Most Filipina girls really appreciate simple gifts like clothing, smartphones, afforable jewelry or a useful item like a backpack or luggage suitcase.

The good thing is you don’t need to buy an expensive gift and can spend around $20 to $40 for the perfect gift that your GF will love.

Lazada, the Phillippines version of Amazon, is the perfect place to buy gifts for your Filipina girlfriend. You can order items online and deliver them directly to your GF’s address.

The bottom line is it’s up to you to send money to your GF but it’s not a requirement to have a nice GF. Every girl is different so I’m just preparing you for any scenario you might face while meeting & dating Filipina girls.

Bringing her to America

A lot of guys are wondering how to bring their Filipina GF to their country, especially America.

The process is simple but does require proper documentation and proof that your Filipina GF has a relationship with you.

She can apply for a US tourist visa for a temporary visit or K1 fiance visa if you plan to get married.

RapidVisa is my recommendation for speeding up the K1 fiance visa process and they have a lot of success stories on their website.

Of course, bringing a girl back to your country isn’t cheap so be sure to get your finances in order to support your GF in your home country.

You’ll need to increase your monthly budget since living with your GF will cost you more money than you are currently spending.


Filipino women make wonderful girlfriends and it’s one of the best countries in the world for finding a GF that’s much younger than you.

Join FilipinoCupid now, create a profile and start chatting up some hot Filipino women 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to respond to your replies. Hope this helps!

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