7 Reasons Why Filipinas Marry Older Foreign Men

Seeing Older foreign men dating and marrying younger Filipino women is a common sight in cities like Manila, Angeles City, Cebu, and generally all over the Philippines.

While western countries frown on age gap relationships, you will be able to marry Filipina who may be 40 years your junior.

Everyone has an opinion on why Filipino women marry older foreign men but the truth is that men prefer younger, more fertile women over their bossy, overweight counterparts.

Thus, foreign men from all over the world visit the Philippines in search of a younger wife to build a future with.

Table of Contents

  1. Escape Poverty
  2. Have Mixed Child
  3. Seeking Traditional Gender Roles
  4. Obtain Work Visa
  5. Inherit Money Upon Spouse’s Death
  6. Apply for Child Support
  7. Fake Marriage Scam

1. She Wants to Escape Povery in the Philippines

The Philippines is a poor country with a GDP pet capita of lessbthan $4,000 per year. Filipino women understand that marrying a foreign is a guaranteed way to Escape povety and live a better quality of life.

Filipino men are generally younger and do not earn a lot ofnmoney compared to foreign men.

Not every Filipino woman wants to become a modern feminist girl who doesn’t need a “husband” and sleeps with every guy in town.

2. She Got Pregnant by a Foreigner

Filipino women have more children over average and get pregnant quite easily. Marrying a foreigner while pregnant will guarantee comfort and financial security after the baby is delivered.

Marriage gives Filipino women a security blanket in case something goes wrong especially if you are from the United States.

3. She Wants a Traditional Male-Female Relationship

Many Filipinas have no desire to climb the corporate ladder and earn a bunch of money if they can find a loyal and wealthy foreign to take care of new.

Remember, wealthy is relative so you could be considered average in your home country but extremely qewlthynin the Philippines.

Having just 250,000 PHP makes you look rich and can attract a lot ofnyounger Pinays looking for a husband.

4. She Wants to obtain a work visa

Obtaining a work visa in a foreign country is a financial ticket to a higher income and better quality of life for many younger Filipino women.

Most Filipinas seek work visas from the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Qatar
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany

Be careful because many Filipino women will marry you for a green card then leave you once she obtajns it.

According to Center for Immigration Studies, a foreigner married a Filipino woman who became abusive after she obtained her green card and tried to use VAWA to change your alien status.

Filipino women do not care what you look like if you have citizenship from a country with a strong economy.

Avoid getting scammed by only marrying a Filipina from a well off family who doesn’t need money or asking for a dowry together married.

If your Filipina really wants to obtain her work visa then ask her to pay you up to $50,000 to help her get her green card.

5. She Wants Financial Security when You die

Filipino women understand that many older men won’t live forever and she could benefit from your passing by inheriting some of your money or assets after your death.

That’s why you will see a lot of younger Filipinas married to men well over 70 years of age.

Setup your will and trust in advance to prevent any confusion when die.

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