Filipino Girls & Women Dating Guide

Filipino women are some of the sexiest girls in Asia and it’s no surprise that many men are interesting in traveling to the Philippines to meet Filipina girls.

In this guide, we’re going to talk in depth about Filipino women and give you a general guide as to what to expect before coming to the Philippines.

What are Filipino Women Like

Filipino women are mostly light and brown skinned girls who are around 5′ in height. They have brown eyes and look like Mexican women with Asian features. In my opinion, Filipino women are some of the most beautiful girls in Asia.

Filipina girls have Spanish first and last names due to Spanish colonization of the Philippines, but you’ll also discover lots of Filipinas with Chinese, Indonesian, Malay and Indigenous backgrounds.

Filipino Women Charactertisics: How They Act and Behave

Filipina woman

Here are a few characterisitics I noticed about Filipina girls during my travels:

  • They like wearing comfortable clothing (t shirt and shorts) due to the hot weather
  • They wear sandals amost everywhere
  • They are very interested in improving their English
  • Province girls have crystal clear skin while city girls have more pimples due to fast food chains
  • They will ask you to send them cell phone load
  • They appreciate small gifts like their favorite candy and a cheap t shirt
  • They are extremely jealous and will go though your cell phone to see who you are texting and calling
  • They talk very loud when hanging out with their friends
  • They are passionate in bed
  • They flirt by making eye contact, playing with hair or touching themslves while near you

The typical Filipina girl likes to laugh and joke a lot and generally have a good time. Although, many girls aren’t well off financially, they prefer spending time with friends, family and loved ones over making a lot of money for a corporation. Their life values are a lot different from western women so be prepared for a bit of culture shock.

Most girls are born in the province but you will notice a few westernized Filipina girls who like to drink beer, smoke cigarettes and act wild like stereotypical American women. You’ll find most of these Americanized girls in the bigger cities like Manila and Cebu.

On the other hand, Filipina girls from smaller provinces are more traditional and rarely drink alcohol or smoke.

Why Filipino Women Date and Marry Foreigners

Brian McKnight with his Filipina Wife (via PhilStar)

Filpino women like having children and that’s why many foreign men have children with Filipino girls. There are tons of single mothers in the Philippines because Filipino men are spoiled with an abundance of young, beautiful girls to choose from. They can easily get another wife or girlfriend, so that’s why some Filipino women prefer foreign guys.

Since Filipino women want kids, they will often seek out an older man for a relationship in case they get pregnant and have a baby. The Philippines’ Government doesn’t have many social programs that protect women like western countries and many women fear getting pregnant by a deadbeat broke father. Choosing an older, more financial secure man is the best way to secure a stable future for herself and her kids.

Do Filipinas Like Black Men?

When it comes to foreign men, Filipino women prefer White, Black and Latino men because they watch TV and are familiar with American & European culture. Skin Whitening cream is a big seller in the Philippines and many girls believe having white skin will give them more opportunity than their natural brown skin.

Of course, a lot of Filipina girls like white men but that doesn’t mean black men won’t get any play in the Philippines. Black men do well in the Philippines as long as you have money and smell good.

Some girls are shy and nervous around black men but will like you once you spend some time with them. African men (mostly Nigerians) have left a negative stigma towards black men in the Philippines because they are involved in scams and the illegal drug trade.

Different Types of Filipino Women

Luzon, VIsayas and Mindinao are the 3 major regions in the Philippines and girls are slightly different based on which part of the country they come from.


Manila Girls at Pandora KTV Bar (Image Source)

Manila is the biggest city in Luzon and most girls are either from Manila or Quezon City. The main language is Tagalog but most girls speak very good English too. These girls tend to have lighter skin and look more Chinese than girls from Visayas and Mindinao.

Manila and Angeles City are the two best cities for meeting girls in the Luzon region. Manila is a massive city with over 20+ million people where it’s easy to meet girls at night or using online dating apps. The bad part about Manila is that the city is crowded, noisy, polluted and has some of the worst traffic in the world. Overall, it’s a good option to find girls and most foreigners stay in the Makati area.

Angeles City is probably the best choice to find Filipina girls in Luzon because the city is much smaller than Manila, cheaper and easiest to get around. All the best nightclubs and bars are within walking distance and you don’t need to sit in traffic to get around the city.


Cebu Girls
Cebu Girls

Another popular destination is the Visayas region where there are tons of beautiful women to meet and hooking up with them is very easy.

Cities like Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Mandae and Lapu Lapu are filled with tons of hotties that don’t meet as many foreigners as Manila women do.

Cebu is the most popular city for finding girls. This region also has the best beaches & vacation resorts like Palawan and Boracay.

Cebu women are the most beautiful of all Filipino women and if you see a really beautiful girl walking around Manila, there’s a good chance she’s from Visaya.

Visaya girls speak Bisaya but almost all of them still speak good English. Visaya is a bit different from Tagalog because it contains a lot of Spanish words since Cebu was the first place the Spanish colonists arrived back in the 1500s.


Davao Girls
Davao Girls

The least traveled region of the Philippines is Mindanao due to ongoing war and political conflicts. If you’re up for adventure and extreme culture shock, then consider looking for sexy Mindanao girls who haven’t met a lot of foreigners in their life.

This region is mostly Muslim and you’ll find it very different from Visaya and Luzon. The girls here are extremely traditional and many don’t smoke or drink. You will have high value as a foreigner since most guys don’t visit this part of the country due to safety concerns. There are lots of accounts of foreigners being kidnapped for ransom because Mindanao is the poorest region in the country.

Cities like Davao City, General Santos and Cagayan de Oro are the best places to meet women in Mindanao. It will be extremely easy to hook up here and be prepared to receive a lot of stares from the girls here. They are mostly curious about you so smile and say hello!

How to Meet Filipino Women

Young Filipia girl

The best way to meet beautiful Filipino women is to travel to the Philippines and spend a few days/weeks in the country. The Philippines is a Roman Catholic country and it’s culturally okay to approach women and strike up a conversation. Filipino women who are interested in you will make eye contact and smile.

Flights from America to Manila will cost between $500 to $1,000 roundtrip and I found the cheapest tickets flying through NYC.

Once you arrive in Manila, spend a few nights in Manila living in the Makati Area where you can easily meet all different types of Filipino women during the day, at night and online. Check out our in-depth guide on meeting women in Manila for more information.

After a few days, I recommend traveling from Manila to Angeles City where the town is filled with tons of beautiful younger women and it’s much cheaper than Manila.

Manila and Angeles City are the two best places to meet women in Manila but there isn’t much else to do in those cities. Book a flight to Cebu or head to Palawan and Boracay for more interesting things to do other than girls.

A lot of foreigners keep coming back to the Philippines again and again and many retired men live in the Phlippines as an expat with a younger Filipina girl.

How to Meet Filipino Women Online

Filipina Girl on Tinder
Filipina Girl

Online dating works a lot better in the Philippines and you will receive more replies and messages than western dating sites. A good strategy is to download a few online dating apps and start messaging Filipino women before your trip. You can meet a beautiful, younger girl who will accompany you during your trip and make getting around a lot easier.

It’s also a good way to meet women when you are traveling in the Philippines. There is a huge amount of girls online and you can ask for their phone numbers after sending a few messages back and forth.

Here’s a list of the best online dating apps for meeting Filipina Girls:

  • FilipinoCupid: The largest online dating site in the Philippines
  • PinaLove: The best free dating sites in the Philippines.
  • FIndMate: Another good dating site for finding Filipina girls

How to Greet Filipino Women

English is widely spoken in the Philippines but some girls don’t have the best English speaking skills. Tagalog is understood by everyone and can help you communicate every girl with ease.

Here’s a few basic Tagalog greetings to help you meet and girls women:

  • Kumusta Ka? (Hello, How are you?)
  • Magandang Gabi (Good Evening)
  • Ang Ganda Mo (You are Beautiful)
  • Salamat (Thank You)

For more Taglog words, check out our list of the most common Tagalog words.

Hooking Up with Filipino Women

Filipina Girl
Cute Filipina

With an abundance of young single girls in the Philippines, you shouldn’t have a problem hooking up on a regular basis.

There are lots of different types of girls to hook up with:

  • Normal Women: These women have regular jobs and are busy during the week. It’s best to meet them on the weekends when they are free from work.
  • Bar Girls: These girls work at bikini bars and you must pay a bar fine (around 2,000 to 3,000 PHP) to bring them back to your oom.
  • Massage Girls: They give you a 30 minute full body massage for 500 PHP ($10).
  • Freelance Girls: These girls are looking for foreigners to hook up with and will ask for 1 to 3kPHP ($20 to $60) for the night.
  • Tourist Girls: There are lots of cute foreigner girls (American, European, Asian) traveling and working in the Philippines. You can meet these girls and hook up with them too.

*PHP is Philippines Peso (the currency of the Philippines). The exchange rate is 50 PHP to 1 USD.

You’ll need to setup a few things to maximize your chances of success:

  • Good Hygiene: Filipina girls do not like smelly guys so make sure to shower regularly in the Philippines because it’s a very hot country. Smelling good and having fresh breathe will go a long ways.
  • Private Apartment or Hotel Room: You need your own private space to bring girls back to your place. One of the common mistakes is staying in a hostel when you want to meet lots of girls. If you’re visiting the Philippines for beaches or food, then book a hostel bunk bed. If you want to hook up with girls, quit being cheap and get a private hotel room, apartment or condo.
  • Globe Phone Number: Globe is the most popular cell phone network in the Philippines and you’ll need a Globe number to contact girls. Buy a Globe SIM card from 711 for 40 PHP (80 cents). Buy a dual unlocked smartphone before your trip so you can make calls and text without hassles.
  • Spending Money: You can meet women for free or bring bar girls & working girls back to your room for between $20 to $60. If you meet some Filipino women online, some will ask you to pay their taxi fare (usually $2 to $5) so they can visit you. You don’t need a lot of money to meet Filipina girls but don’t kid yourself and think you can hook up for free. Spending a little bit of money is perfectly fine if you have a good time.

How to Marry a Filipino Woman

If you’re looking for a long term relationship with a Filipina girl, then you’ll want to search for traditional women who are interested in marriage. Finding a wife in the Philippines is a good option, especially if you want to bring a Filipina back to your home country.

Now, there are pros and cons to marrying a Filipina woman. They are good cooks, loyal and mostly faithful during the relationship but some women use men to escape a life of poverty and move to a richer country like the United States, Australia or England.

For instance, Filipino women will marry an American man then leave him once they get to America and figure out how the system works in her favor. So be careful!

Here are some suggestions to find a Filipina wife while protecting yourself and your assets:

  • Take Multiple Trips to the Philippines: Visit a few times before you decide to move your Filipina back to your country. You’ll be able to get to know her better and see if you really want to marry her.
  • Meet Her Family: Meet some of her family members and take a good look at her mother. Her mother is a good sign of what your Filipino wife will look like in the future.
  • Apply for K1 Fiance Visa: Your Filipina wife will need a visa (and green card to work) to travel to the USA or any other foreigner country. RapidVisa costs around $400 to apply for a finace visa. All you have to do is answer a few questions, print out a few forms and mail them.
  • Use Corporations, Offshore Acounts and Precious Metals to Protect Your assets: Marrying any woman in the 21st century is a financial risk but there are many ways to rpotect your assets in case of a divorce. Real Estate can be protected using REITs and you can stash cash overseas in offshore accounts. Buying gold and silver is another smart way to store wealth away from government influence.

Helpful Resources on Filipino Women


Want to meet Filipino women and start chatting with them? Go to FilipinoCupid and create a profile so you can start sending messages to women right now. That’s the easiest step you can take to get the ball rolling. See what’s out there and make some connections. Like what you see? Do some research on flights to Manila and start planning your trip.


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  1. hello m brother becs a very nice person. ause i’ve lived here in the phillippines for more than 10years i’m married toa phillippina woman more than 10 years you are right on point with what you’re saying.i have tried being married to several black women before they wanted divorces.
    you’reright about everything you’re saying. i’ve never hada bad experience with my phillippina wife.thanks, i really enjoyed listening toyou and your wife. she seems like she’s a very nice person.

  2. Going to Phillipines, on my my bucket list, Im single, dont want to remarry but companionship with a cutie would be nice, black guy, white guy doesnt matter it what ever a person likes, Im white and I like girls of color, time for me to find one……wish me luck…

  3. If I may?:

    I am a Black American man….(and have been all my life!…Hahaha!) And I will say this; I have been married to a “Carribean” woman (Jamaica) and am now divorced, I have dated white women, black women, and Indian women, and an Asian woman(from Japan) and I can honestly say of ALL the women?…the Japanese woman treated me the best. And after meeting my ex-boss’ Filipino wife?…. I’m hooked on “Pinay” beauty!!…so mich that I am looking to find a wife and get married. And while I’m sure my genitalia might interest some?…. I’m more interested in the woman who is looking for a man who would treat her like a Queen. Who would like to experience a real “Happy Ever After”…..and not the short-term-instant-gratification-its-over-by-the-morning kind of relationship that leads to an even more lonely and empty – shallow life.

  4. You know most FIlipinay’s believe that all foreign men have “huge equipment” not just black men! What Filipinay’s (and many Asian women) particularly like about black men and find most attractive, and it may be a stereotype, is that black men tend to be more attentive, affectionate and romantic. None of that swagger, game, cool, flashy debonaire, having a lot of money crap is important. It is how you treat them. And what damn difference does it make if Japanese and Chinese women supposedly love or are dating black men and for the stupidest reason as penis size??

  5. You must be drunk off a frog piss… I have no idea where you got that Dumbfoundead idea, the Filipino women do not like black men unless they got money and don’t smell… All the Filipino women that I met love black men… Due to their huge equipment an exotic nature. One thing that the black man do not do he did not use his money to trick or hookers with… However the white man will do that all the time… Wake me up will go to the show Bars in the new bars it’s been as money on whores… The black man won’t… He don’t care if they white women, black women, Filipino women, with any Asian women we just don’t do that dumb crap. We do know that Japanese women love black men… We do know that quite a few Chinese women are dating black men… Matter fact they have increased their 1/4 black man thanks to the white woman who has promoted us and I’ll huge equipment… If the black man is in the Philippine he is leaving the military will he have a lot of money like myself… However we do not trick without money… White men do that… And if you had poor hygiene it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black no woman will want you. Just like you don’t want no stinking woman… Who stinks and have poor hygiene… black men are the inventors of swagger… Coolest… And flashy and devonaire dressing in expensive clothes… You already know that… So stop pretending… The idiot the wrote the article about Philippine women and if they date black men that person is a real idiot… He don’t know what to write or how to write it… He needs to investigate by himself, and not ask that Philippine Tramp when I Filipino bar horror that he’s dating and that he spending all his money on… Actually woman who does not work in a strip bar in the Philippines… Ask her. All Philippine women are not whores or bar whores. Some of them have jobs. And they do love black men.