FilipinoCupid Review 2024

IIn this FilipinoCupid Review, I’m going to talk about why PinaLove is one of the best online dating websites in the Philippines and how you can use it for free to meet beautiful Filipina Girls.

What is FilipinoCupid?

FilipinoCupid is the world’s largest dating site for meeting Filipina girls and was founded in 1999. It’s owned and operated by Cupid Media, a large dating site network with over 30 niche dating sites in several different countries. The company is based out of Gold Coast, Australia.

Why Join FilipinoCupid?

One of the nice things about FilipinoCupid is that Filipinas join the site to meet foreign guys. There are three different types of Filipinas you’ll meet:

  • girls who like dating foreigners
  • girls who are looking for money or sugar daddies.
  • and girls looking to sell massage services.

I would estimate that 50% of the girls on FilipinoCupid are interested in meeting foreigners for long-term relationships or marriage while the other 50% are looking for some sort of financial assistance.

Sometimes, you’ll receive messages from girls asking for money, gifts, load, clothes, etc.

I don’t recommend giving any money to Filipinas online because prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and you could be scammed or worse (caught in a police sting). Also, these girls usually have pimps, which opens up a whole new set of problems.

Avoid the freelancers and focus on the normal girls who want to meet foreigners.


FilipinoCupid is more advanced than other Filipina dating sites and has a lot of unique matching features and options.

The site is organized into 5 main sections: Members Online, Matches, Search, Messages, and Activity.

FilipinoCupid Main Dashboad

We’ll go through each of these sections to show exactly how to use these features.

Members Online

The Member Online tab shows you all of the girls currently online. You can filter the girls online by age, country, and photo.

FilipinoCupid Members Online


Matches show you all of the girls that match your specific search criteria.

FilipinoCupid Matches


The Search Tab is very useful and allows you to perform an advanced search based on age, location, weight, children, etc.

FilipinoCupid Advanced Search

If you are looking to meet the youngest, best looking Filipinas with no children then I recommend these search settings:

  • Age: 18 to 22
  • Has Photo
  • Do They Have Any Children? No

If you are just looking for a long-distance relationship then just select “Philippines” and “Any State” to give yourself a broad selection of girls.

If you are planning a trip to a specific city like Manila then change the “State/Province” to your destination (i.e. Manila).

A lot of times the girls will list their location in Manila but they actually live far away in a different province.

It’s best to ask her where she lives if you want to meet someone nearby during your vacation.


The Message section is pretty straightforward. You can easily view all your replies and respond back to any girls you like.

FilipinoCupid Messages

When your message inbox gets full, use the “Delete” button to send conversations to your trash can.

You can also save messages in certain folders for better organization. I don’t use this feature but you may need it if you receive a ton of replies.


The Activity tab is a dropdown menu with 4 different sections: Likes, Favorites, Profile Views, and Block List.


Likes will tell you which girls liked your profile plus show you which profile you liked and any mutual like matches.

If you want to add a girl to your “My Likes” list then just tap the “Heart” icon on her profile.

Like Girls on FilipinoCupid


Favorites lets you keep track of your favorite profiles for later use. You can easily add a girl to your favorites like by tapping the “Star” on her profile.

FilipinoCupid Favorites

Profile Views

Profile Views shows you which girls viewed your profile. This is a good place to see if your crush has read your messages and viewed you.

Block List

Sometimes you will encounter a rude and hostile Filipina on the app so it’s best to block anyone who is verbally abusive, racist, or just plain annoying.

Ease of Use

FilipinoCupid is the biggest Filipina dating site with the most features but it’s hard to use all of them.

You can download the Android/iOs app and chat up a lot of girls on your smartphone too.

I find FilipinoCupid a bit boring sometimes but the overall quality of girls is higher than competitors like PinaLove.

Cost & Fees

FilipinoCupid charges a monthly/annual membership fee to send unlimited messages to girls on the site. You can create an account for free but won’t be able to send or reply to any messages.

There are 3 types of premium memberships: Standard, Gold, and Platinum.

Standard is the default membership level when you sign up but you need to upgrade to unlock all the benefits.

Here’s a comparison table showing what you can do with each level:

Comparison of FilipinoCupid Member Level: Standard, Gold, and Platinum

Platinum is the best membership level and it’s the one I currently use. Platinum is a bit more expensive than Gold and here’s a breakdown of the total costs:

Quality of Girls

FilipinoCupid has the best quality of Filipinas out of all the dating sites. The mandatory paywall weeds out a lot of competition so you’ll see hotter girls using the app.

FilipinoCupid Girl

FilipinoCupid has over 5 million members so there are literally millions of girls looking for men just like you.

You can really find a needle in the haystack using the advanced search future plus I suspect Filipinas using this app have a bit more money and are better candidates for long-term relationships than other apps like PinaLove.

You also won’t find as many ladyboys using this app because FilipinoCupid does a good job of weeding them out.

Manila and Cebu have the biggest selection of girls on the site. Angeles City and Subic can be hit or miss. You can only send out a few messages in your spare time and go out at night to maximize your chances of hooking up. The Philippines has so many girls that you’ll have to turn down a few opportunities until you land exactly the kind of girl you’re looking for.

Sending & Receiving Messages

Girls on FilipinoCupid are a bit slow to reply but you should get good response rates if you upgrade your membership.

Most girls speak some English but not all of them. I usually start off with an English message but will follow up with some basic Tagalog if I don’t receive a quick reply.

A lot of younger Filipinas speak terrible English but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you.

They are very shy so learning basic Tagalog can land you more dates and more relationships.

Here are some common Tagalog phrases I use on FilipinoCupid:

  • How are you? – Kumusta Ka?
  • What are you doing? – Anong Ginagawa Mo?
  • Can we meet? – Pwede ba Tayong Magkita?
  • What’s Your Phone Number? – Anong Phone Number Mo?
  • How Old Are You? – Ilang Taon?
  • I Pay For Grab Taxi – Nagbababayad Ako para Grab Taxi

Google Translate is a wonderful tool for translating Tagalog into English so you can chat up more girls. If you only target girls who speak good English then you are missing out on a lot of cute Filipinas.

If you are serious about meeting Filipinas then upgrade your account and reap the benefits.


Because you can contact more girls and maximize your results. Also, some girls like sending A TON of messages so you cannot really talk to them using a free account. You really do get what you pay for.

Setting Up the Date

After sending a few messages, you should ask for her number and move the conversation over to WhatsApp/Phone/Text. Texting is the easiest way to communicate with girls in the Philippines and most of them have a Globe phone number. Buy load for your phone on the Grab app, at any local shop/711, or use to add load online.

Call her on the phone to make sure she is and not a Filipina scammer. There are some scammers on FilipinoCupid who put up fake pictures and pretend to be someone else.

Talking to the girl on the phone eliminates this problem and creates a stronger emotional connection between you and your Filipina.

Voice or voice call also will let you know if you are dealing with a ladyboy. Unfortunately, there are tons of ladyboys posing as girls on FilipinoCupid so be careful out there.

After talking on the phone for a few minutes, you can move back to texting to set up the date. You don’t need to take out Filipinas to an expensive dinner date like western chicks. Simply invite them over to your place to hang out and most of them will say yes if they like you.

If she says “No” then it’s best to move on to the next girl and avoid wasting time with girls who aren’t attracted to you.

Some Filipinas will play games when you ask for date because they are looking for a “penpal”. She may already have a foreign BF or want attention and validation from an attractive foreigner guy like you.

Use texting to setup logistics for the date otherwise you may get caught up sending the girls tons of messages but never get to meet her.

Once she accepts the date then offer to send a Grab taxi to pick them up and bring them to your hotel/condo. You will pay between $2 to $20 one-way for a Grab taxi from her location to your place.

Sometimes, the girl will refuse to get in a Grab and ask you to send her money so she can book the taxi herself. Don’t fall for this scam and be sure to read my article on signs a Filipina is scamming you for more in-depth information.

In some cases, the girl wants to meet you but doesn’t want to go directly to your condo. You’ll be better off meeting at a local bar or restaurant if she is very shy. Always pick a place near your room so you can bounce back to your room once you are done. The further away you meet your date, the harder it will be to bring them back to your place.

Lastly, she may offer to bring her friend along to your date. In most cases, she and the friend are working together to get money from you. She and her friend will expect you to pay her money for companion or sex.

It really depends just how sexy the girls look in my opinion. It’s hard to pass up 2 young beautiful 18-year-old Filipinas who want to visit your condo. However, I try to avoid situations with 3 girls or more. You will have a lot of girls asking you for money and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Common Scams to Avoid

If you use FilipinoCupid long enough then you will encounter several scams on the website. It’s important to never send money to anyone online regardless of how desperate they may appear.

FilipinoCupid Gcash Scam

Here are some of the most common scams to avoid on Pinalove:

  • Send load scam
  • Buy flight or airline ticket scam
  • Send money to Grab/Taxi to come visit you
  • Sick mother or relative
  • Send money for food
  • Etc

The Philippines is a poor country and many young girls use online dating apps to earn money instead of searching for a legit job. Don’t enable these girls by sending your hard-earned money to them.

If someone is harassing you then you can report them by clicking the “Report” button.

Final Verdict: Should You Join FilipinoCupid or Not?

FilipinoCupid is a cheap $30 monthly investment in your dating and social life. You’ll save a lot of money in the long run by using this app instead of going to bars and drinking too much alcohol.

Create a free profile and browse the site to see if you like any of these girls on the site. You’ll find it much easier to meet girls on FilipinoCupid than most western dating sites with their crappy reply rates.

Have fun fellas!

Filipino Cupid

FilipinoCupid is the largest dating app in the Philippines with over 5.5 million. Connect with young beautiful girls from popular areas like Manila, Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, and Mindanao. You'll find the highest quality girls and fewer scammers than any other app. Great customer support but requires a paid subscription to send and reply to messages.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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