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    Getting around Panama city is relatively easy because Panama offers world class transportation options, oddly enough. You’ve got three basic ways of transports:

    – Taxi

    – Bus

    – Metro

    Taxis are simple to get. Make sure it’s a yellow cab and ask for the fare. “Cuanto” (how much in Spanish) is the generic way to ask how much. “Cuanto Por Esta Direccion?” If you have the address written down, simply say “Cuanto por esta direccion” and point to the address. He will tell you in dollars how much the fare costs. Most trips in the city should cost no more than $5. If the fare is too high,, simply say “No Gracias” (No Thank You in Spanish).

    Bus is another easy method of transportation. Be sure to know your way around before getting on the bus. There are many bus stations around central Panama City as well.Buses pick up withn 20 minute intervals during most days. There is service at night, to. Bus fair is so cheap! Only $0.25. I recommend buying a fare card at any metro, loading it up with $5 then using it for bus and metro.

    Metro is surprisingly modern and effecient in Panama. Buy a fare care and load it up with cash. It’s very simple and more cost effective than the United States metro systems that charge 5 to 10x for dirty trains and overall poor customer service.



    I am a tourist and I really like to see most fabulous places around the world and this is my most favourite one destination on earth and this is my most favourite one destination on earth. I have been there lots of times in my whole life through the bus. In my point of view, it is a best way to explore the beauty of this alluring city and you can explore its many adorable attractions. I hope my shared information would be useful for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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