Post your Worst Travel Experience

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    Getting mugged and robbed in Cancun, Mexico is at the top of my list. I returned to Mexico City with a chip on my shoulder, and the Mexicans laughed. LOL



    Cancun is always my most favourite one destination to travel as a travelling point of view. There are many most fabulous places for visit but it is famous for its natural places. I have been there many of the times in my whole life to explore the beauty of this charming place and always spent spectacular time with my friends. In my point of view, it is a best place for having fun. So I will love to say all visitors that you must to be there at least once.



    I am feeling not well to tell you that I have not visited Cancun still in my life but seems very nice place after reading your experience. So I have decided that I will visit it after completion of newyork to niagara falls but here I need your suggestion about its best accommodation places. So can you try to share about its accommodation places detail?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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