What are the best beaches in Africa?

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    Africa has nice beaches. Post some of them here.



    Yeah Tarik, You say right. Africa has lots of nice beaches. This region is famous for this kind of things. there are many beaches which are famous for the travelers. I am going to share some names of beaches with images. I hope all you will like them. The names and images are:
    Marsa Alam



    Africa really has lots of plenty and mesmerizing attractions to have some more fun there. So just keep it more up and I am so sure that it will be very nice time for you and for me as well. cause i am going to there with my family and surely i will have great time there. So thanks to you guys.



    Yeah Alex Jan, I agree with you. No doubt that Africa has lots of glamorous attractions. why not dude, I will definitely share such kind of things with all of you. Well Alex, I wan tot know your views about Africa. Have you ever visited there in life?



    Wow Alaina, You also make this topic more useful and informative. All of these names are looking the top beaches in this country. I liek all of them and I am thinking to go on Tenerife after completing my bus trips from new york to niagara falls. I want to know some names of hotels which are located near this beach. Can you share with me?



    All of the list’s name are the best for staying, I would like to share here that Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden is one of the my favorite hotel here. I have already personal experience of that hotel and enjoyed my lovely travel time here in Spain. so sure you would like to try go there in your journey Usiella Jack!



    Nice pictures. I will make a post on the top beaches in Africa soon.



    Tarik, I am happy that you like it. Sure dude. I will wait for your those post where you will use these images. I hope you will create a good post about the top beaches in Africa. I will say you don’t forget to share the post link here. I am waiting dude.



    Africa offers a lot of most beautiful and luxury beaches to have fun among the visitors but I would like to share the names of some most fabulous and attractive beaches which are the best for family vacations. Those names are:

    Nungwi Beach
    Diani Beach
    I hope my shared information would be useful for you.



    Abby Miller ! I would like to say that your post is very informative for readers also for me and I am sure that I will visit these places in my free time. Thanks for this kind of sharing stuff.



    I just love to say that Nungwi Beach is a famous place where I like to have a good time with my friends and had a lovely time always. This is not a much-crowded place but bit expensive. Do I like to know from you what you like to say about this one?

    Summer vacation packages to los angeles was comfortable.



    Yeah, you are right BruceWillis that Nungwi Beach is best place for having fun and it is so much famous due to its rich beauty. I just recently back from this side and visited Nungwi Beach. Now I am feeling so much happy cause I get from this place very astonishing and memorable experience.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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