How to Get a U.S. Passport If You Owe Child Support Payments

The main reason why one receives a US passport is to verify that he/she is the citizen of the United States of America.

This will guarantee one a right to travel outside the country. The immigration of USA has however set some strict rules when it comes to owning a passport, even if you are a citizen of US you may be denied to own one.

When you look at the US constitution under the passport denial section which was authorized in the year 1997, you will see the amendment law is known as the personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act.

In this act, any individual who owes more than $2,500 to the child support will not be given the US passport until he has cleared this matter. If you already have a passport the government can limit, revoke or restrict you from using it.

How does the U.S. Government know that you owe child support?

Usually, the Department of Health and Human services in the US sends a list of individuals who owe child support to the passport agency. This information is given by the county district lawyers who work with the child enforcement agency.

3 steps you must take to get a US passport if you owe back due child support

One thing that you must know is that the staff at the passport agency do not have any idea about any obligations that you have with the child support. They do not have any power to do anything until when the Department of Health and Human Services has removed your name from their list. When this happens you should not try to call the human services department.

Step 1 – Call Your Local Child Support Agency

What you need to do is to first contact your local child support agency so that you can reach a favourable agreement with them or make necessary arrangements so that you can clear your child support debt.

In case you owe more than one state when it comes to child support, it can be possible for all these states to report your name to the passport agency where you can be denied a passport.

If you are in this situation then you will have to negotiate with all of these states, before you can go ahead for a clearance so that you can receive a passport.

Step 2 – Pay Your Child Supports Arrears

After you have agreed with the state(s) or you have paid your child support debt; these state(s) will then request the Department of Health and Human Services to remove your name from their database. Removing your name from the database can take a maximum of two weeks.

Step 3 – Apply For Your U.S. Passport 

After you have submitted your application of denial to the passport agency they start the process of reviewing your application which can take a maximum of 90 days. If you have able to clear with the child support within this period, the passport agency will then process and mail to your passport.

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  1. Excellent advice. Luckily, I have no kids and over the years protected myself. However, that doesn’t mean i won’t desire to have kids in the future. The key is not to plant that seed with a vindictive woman, because i’ve seen this system mess brothers up and it’s intentionally designed to trap us. I’m all for taking care of my children when the time comes, but the current design is malicious at best and titled against men, especially black men.

    Additionally, be sure you have no other legal issues in the U.S., pending or otherwise that could result in a felony or misdemeanor conviction. if you are a current holder and get into legal trouble, they can revoke your passport, so keep that in mind. I’m afraid now of even having a drink and getting in my car, since I have a few trips coming up.

    A US Passport is a ticket out of this madness and one to different cultures, experiences and women for brothers. Protect it when you get it and if you don’t have one and intend to get one, please stay of of trouble. I’m all for brothers getting that passport and seeing the world outside of the U.S.