Ghana Tourist & Business Visa Requirements for Foreigners

For a quick application and processing of your Ghana visa, the following is a step by step guide on how to do it, plus the forms and the requirements you need to meet for you to apply for it.

You only need to do it well or else you might end up missing a very important program.

Ghana Tourist Visa Requirements


You are required to provide your passport, especially the page bearing your personal information. If you do not have a passport, please read this article to obtain your passport.

Ensure that your passport:

  • Validity extends beyond the next six months
  • Is not altered in any way, either through tearing, fraying or separating
  • Has a blank page.

For you to be able to get a visa, ensure that these requirements are met.


This requirement is a must, but you may simply upload one of your photos on and then we will print the exact copy of the same in order to meet the required specifications for your visa.

You may also opt to provide two color photographs of passport size. Be sure that the photographs meet the following criteria:

  • Must have been taken within the last 3 months
  • Must have been taken against an all-white background
  • Must have been printed on photo paper of high quality
  • Both must be identical
  • Must measure 2 by 2 inches with the clear view of the frontal part of your head Unless for religious reasons, your face must not bear any kind of headwear or sunglasses.
  • Do not affix your photo to the application form neither should it bear any evidence that it had been stapled on some other papers.

Visa application form

Depending on the processing service speed you request, you will have to either complete rush service or regular service visa application form. Ensure that your application form;

  • Has a clear display of your names exactly the way they appear in the passport
  • Has been completed in all the required fields
  • Is signed

Proof of travel arrangements

Provision of proof of travel arrangements is mandatory. The proof of travel arrangements must:

  • Bear the full names of the applicant as shown in the passport.
  • Show the date you enter and exit your destination.

You must also provide Visa Central Order Form (attached to the kit)

As for the minors, ensure that you provide:

  • Original copies of the birth certificates of the traveler
  • Driver’s license of both parents(colored copies)
  • A letter showing that the minor has been permitted to travel. The parent /guardian must sign the letter.
  • Parents are authorized to sign the visa application form for their children.

Ghana Business Visa Requirements

For business visa application, the applicant is required to provide the following documents in addition to the above mentioned:

Letter of invitation

This is the letter originating from the organization or the company you intend to visit. Ensure that the letter meets the following requirements:

  • Must include the phone number and the local address of the company you intend to visit.
  • Must state the nature of your business travel. For instance, it has to show whether you are attending contract negotiations, business meetings or any other kind of business.
  • Must bear the official letterhead of the company.

Visa application cost

Visa applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee for them to apply for a nonimmigrant visa. All fees must be paid in local currency.

Most nonimmigrant visa applications cost $160. These are for business, students, tourists, and exchange visa. Application for another kind of visas such as religious and work visa cost $190.

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