Grab App Review: A Useful Alternative to Taxis

Grab, a ride sharing app, is becoming one of my favorite ways to travel around Asia while saving money on trips. It’s very similar to Uber, but is actually cheaper and lets you know your exact fare from your starting point to desired destination.

It’s Easy to Use

All you have to do is go to Grab and download the app on your phone or tablet. Create an account then start searching for a ride.

  1. Enter your current destination (street address or landmark)
  2. Enter your desired destination
  3. Choose from several different types of rides: motorbike, GrabTaxi, GrabCar and GrabShare.
  4. Book your trip then use the driver’s license plate # and car description to locate your ride.

I prefer GrabShare because it’s cheaper than GrabTaxi. The only downside is that your driver can pick up other passengers en route to your destination. If you are in a hurry, then choose GrabTaxi. Remember, the meter will start at around $1.00 because you will be the only passenger.

Your driver will wait for up to 3 minutes until they leave for another passenger. It’s important to be ready to get inside the car or you could end up waiting much longer for another driver.

Use Promo Codes to Save More

Grab offers cool promo codes often to help you save even more money. Sometimes, you can use a promo code to cut your costs by up to 90%.

Your first ride is usually free when you download the app. It’s nice to save extra money and not worrying taxi cab drivers running up the meter on purpose.

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