Thank you for your interest in publishing your guest post on Expat Kings. Due to the large amount of submissions we receive, I have published the following guidelines for bloggers, agencies and companies to follow:


All guest posts must be least 500 words in length and cover the topic in-depth with plenty of personal stories, facts, and tips that help the reader achieve a specific goal.


We are accepting guest posts on the following topics:

  • Relocating Guides
  • Travel Tips
  • City & Country Travel Guides
  • Travel Product Reviews
  • Foreign Dating Site Reviews
  • Personal Travel Experiences
  • Things to Do in X City/Country Lists
  • Etc

Our audience is most interested in reading interesting and insightful information about foreign destinations from a down to earth point of view.

Outbound Linking

You may add 1 to 2 dofollow links per article. I will review all links and reserve the right to reject/remove any links that promote illegal substances or harmful websites (Pornography, Casino, etc)


Include 1 main featured image to be shown at the top of the guest post. We also recommend including 1 image per 200 words (although sometimes guest posts are more personal in nature and don’t warrant tons of images)

Internal Linking

Do a quick search of and link to 3 to 5 related articles within your guest post. Use our search bar or go to Google and search the site using this search operator: “keyword”

Proper Formatting

Use heading tags to break up the text. Add plenty of spaces so the paragraphs aren’t too long and hard to read. Use bold formatting for sub-sections.

Document Format

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