The Beautiful Black Women of Brazil (25 Photos)

Afro-Brazilian Women, aka black Brazilian women, are women of African descent who live in South American’s largest country, Brazil. You can find these women all over Brazil with a large concentration of them living in Salvador, Bahia.

It’s no secret that Afro-Brazilian women are one of the many reasons why Black men travel to Brazil so often. Brazilian women love black men and you can easily meet Afro-Brazilian women in places like coffee shops, shopping malls, nightclubs or using online dating sites like BrazilCupid (Read my honest review).

Below is a photo gallery of some of the hottest Afro-Brazilian women in the world.

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Written by Tarik
I'm the founder and editor of ExpatKings back in 2015. This year, our goal is connect our audience with each other using ExpatKings as a platform to engage in useful travel discussions and establish live meetups.
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  1. um, looks like your pic here was taken in the usa (english signs)


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