How Apps are Transforming Uganda’s Motorbike Taxis

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App developers have built a wide array of applications in the recent past. They play a crucial role in different industries such as business, education, agriculture, health, and transport. Safety has been a major concern for most Ugandan motorists for long. Automobile and motorbike collisions have killed and severely injured many people. However, the East African nation has introduced new apps into its transport industry. In this post, we explore how apps are transforming Uganda’s motorbike taxis.

Fewer Traffic Congestions

Many streets in Kampala, Uganda have poor urban design hence resulting in numerous traffic jams. They hinder people from placing live bets in Betway on time. Also, the congestion prevents pedestrians from moving freely in the city. Sometimes, the traffic jams last for several hours thus causing commuters to arrive at their workplaces late. This has led to an increase in the number of people who rely on motorbike taxis. However, motorcycles are among the leading causes of road accident deaths.

Uganda has witnessed a drastic increase in the number of motorbikes over the recent past. Many people like them for their efficiency, mobility, and speed. Besides, they are cheaper than most second-hand vehicles. It is easy for a motorcyclist to get clients compared to ordinary taxis. Recent statistics reveal that there are more than 200,000 motorbike taxis in Kampala. However, there are no clear regulations which control them.

Improved Road Safety

In the past, most riders in Uganda lacked helmets. Many motorists died in grisly road carnages especially when they hit their heads on the tarmac. Mr. Thompson started SafeBoda to transform the motorbike industry. It is a motorbike service which trains drivers basic road safety standards including first aid. The SafeBoda application enables drivers to pick certain rides. So far, the company has enlisted more than 8,000 riders.

Modern Transport Mobile Apps

Dial Jack and SafeBoda are the major mobile apps that play a crucial role in motorbike taxis. However, many riders do not work with any firm. Dial Jack is an application aggregator which offers motorbike ride-hailing. It intends to offer extra services in the near future such as helping punters join Betway in Uganda to wager on different sports. For example, you might see several Dial Jack and SafeBoda riders if you pass through particular streets in Uganda.

The SafeBoda App

Motorbike riders are known in most parts of Uganda for their reckless driving. Some of them over speed while other overtake carelessly. SafeBoda offers distinct orange helmets and vests to its members.

The app allows clients to pay an affordable rate once they get a ride to get money to wager on Betway. It requires the rider to maintain high discipline such as observing traffic regulations. However, 30 percent of riders in Kampala have valid licenses. Some thugs rob clients by pretending to be motorbike taxis. SafeBoda isn’t linked to any rider’s or client’s death since its introduction in 2014.

An ordinary motorbike ride costs a dollar. App developers such as SafeBoda consider a driver’s attitude, driving preference and target income to create strong incentives. Also, they encourage motorists to prioritize the safety of their clients while driving. SafeBoda offers helmets to motorbike taxis to protect clients and riders.

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