How Do The Women in Thailand Treat Black Men?

Recently, my article about 10 reasons why Black Men Should Visit Thailand went viral on Facebook so I am writing this as a follow up to the article.

Some of you sent me emails asking more questions so I will attempt to answer them here. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about Thai women in general.

I just spent June 2017 traveling through Thailand so I know exactly what it feels like to be a black man in Thailand.

In this article, I will answer common questions and give me point of view on how Thai women treat black men.

Q: Do Thai Women Like Black Men?

A: Yes. I have first hand experience that Thai women love black men. When I travel to Thailand, women will call out to me on the streets saying things like:

“I like chocolate man!”

“You’re so handsome”

“I like your hair!”

I am no bodybuilder nor male model. I am average height (5’9) and dress in normal clothes. If you are in decent shape and dress clean, you will get a lot of positive attention in Thailand.

Women will strike up conversations, bump into you, give you lots of eye contact and make it easy to approach them. I am taking about regular women here (not working girls because there is a difference). Working girls only care about your money but places like Bangkok are filled with tons of professional women with jobs looking for hookups and even marriage.

Q: How Do Women in Thailand Treat Black Men?

A: Thai culture is mainly Buddhist so there is a certain level of respect that you give another person. Thai women are some of the most respectful women I’ve ever met. They are also extremely shy and quiet.

Your Thai lady will expect you to lead her and decide on things like what to eat, where to go and what to do because Thai culture expects the man to take the lead.

I have never been disrespected by a Thai woman before. It’s like night & day when compared to American women who love to “put a man in his place.”

Learning Thai will help you a lot because most women speak very little English and they are too lazy to improve their English. Sometimes, having a language barrier reduces a lot of stress because it’s hard to argue when your Thai lady doesn’t speak English!

Q: Is there racism in Thailand?

A: Yes. The more I travel, the more I realize that racism is a global problem that reaches all over the world. Some Thai women develop racial stereotypes about black men “being good in bed” and “always looking for new girls.” It’s something that you will deal with in Thailand and most of Asia.

However, I still believe American racism is 10x worth than in Thailand and I didn’t have any problems other than a few slick comments.

If you find a good Thai woman who cares about you, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Q: Is it easy to find a Thai wife and/or girlfriend?

A: It depends on where you go in Thailand. The biggest problem is the language barrier because most Thai women speak very little English. You can use online dating to find women who speak English or simply spend most of your time in Bangkok in major areas like Sukumvit and Silom to find English speaking Thai women.

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  1. How do thai hookers treat black men, I’m 67 years old and havent had sex in over 15 years and rather get every bang for my buck than settle down just to get cheated on.

  2. Sounds like a personal problem for the “black guy” who is involved with the “friend” of your “girl”, which has nothing to do with us or what we are talking about.

  3. My expeience in that if you hangout with women in sex markets, you are going to be manipulated. Most of girls are taught by older ones how to take advantage and there may very well be other foreigners as near as the Internet or a boyfriend back in the province who is okay by her having sex with you as long as she gets paid. My girl told me her friend has a black man who has a nice condo in Manila. He travels back and forth to the US and leaves her there to live, but when he leaves, she brings in the boyfriend. I had met both the girl and her boyfriend before she got connected with the black guy. Most have a plan for you, and while there are exceptions, you are no Christopher Columbus.

  4. Q: Do Thai Women Like Black Men?

    A: Yes. I have first hand experience that Thai women love black men. When I travel to Thailand, women will call out to me on the streets saying things like:

    “I like chocolate man!”

    “You’re so handsome”

    “I like your hair!”

    When you visit Bangkok/Pattaya/Phuket and other tourist areas, of course you’ll hear this from mostly sex workers and ladyboys. The reality is most Thai women don’t have a particular attraction to black or white men. They love their own men.

    • Bullshit “racesplain”; I am on a Thai dating website right now and have well over 150+ replies from women 23-40. The only problem I have is figuring out which ones will be in my top five to talk to. Stop lying to make yourself feel better; The men on this thread know what’s up and its not the bs you are talking. miss us with that.

  5. Hello Tarik my brother. it’s Ernest the brother from Hawaii. I am starting my own investment banking firm. Basically, I will provide small loans to individuals and businesses in Thailand, Philipines and other countries. Can you help me with this? Do you have any contacts? Also, I am visiting Ukraine next week. Any suggestions?


  6. Guess I’ll go ahead and comment before angry American women/non black men tear this post to shreds. It’s refreshing to simply be around a group of women who are more humble than domineering, don’t come with tons of attitude, and bad relationship baggage. I’m constantly seeing videos from men across the world who relocate over there(of various ethnic backgrounds), and take a Thai woman for their wives. They must be doing something right over there, and it isn’t just in the bedroom. But since African American men are constantly harassed over their mating and dating choices, and expected to just settle for all the previously mentioned negatives that western women have to offer these days, I don’t expect the criticism to end any time soon.