How to Buy Airline Tickets with Paypal

More airlines are accepting payments made through PayPal. This is mainly attributed to the fact that PayPal has established itself as one of the most secure and convenient ways of making payments.

The number of people preferring to pay different things on the internet through PayPal has also been increasing steadily. Majority of the airlines that accept PayPal are mainly international airlines. This allows people from different countries to buy tickets more easily.

Even if there are some airlines which have fully embraced this method of buying tickets there are some which have restrictions because of various reasons. Some airlines will only accept PayPal payment s when certain currencies are used

Buy Airlines Tickets with Paypal Easily

This makes it paramount to check with the airlines to know which one accepts PayPal and what are the conditions. Furthermore, it is important to know how to buy airline tickets with PayPal.

Step 1 – Open a Paypal Account

The very first step of buying an airline ticket with PayPal is opening a PayPal account. Opening this account is free and one just needs to get into the official website. To open the account effectively one needs to provide a few personal details such as official names and address.

One also needs to link the account with a credit card so that the account can be verified. One can use the account without verifying it. But there are limits which require the account to be verified through linking it with a credit card.

Step 2 – Make a deposit using a credit card or bank account

After opening the account and verifying it one can deposit funds through various methods. One can deposit through the linked credit cards or just deposit direct to the account. After depositing one should then proceed to the official website of the airline to be used.

Most of the official websites have details indicating the fares depending on the destinations. There are also various payment options and one should select the PayPal option.

Step 3 – Visit the airline website and pay using your Paypal account

Upon clicking on the PayPal option one is directed to the PayPal official site. Upon logging in one just needs to indicate the money to be paid. Upon confirming everything the money indicated is transferred to the PayPal account of the airline.

This process takes just a few minutes and as a result many people are preferring it instead of using the conventional methods.

The people who use this method are also guaranteed of getting seats on the planes. Furthermore, such people are also able to plan their time more effectively because they are assured of their travelling times.

Which airlines accept Paypal payments for flights?

So as to use PayPal more efficiently it is also important to know the particular airlines that accept PayPal payments for passengers buying tickets. The top airlines that accept PayPal are:

Some of these outlined airlines have some restrictions. The main airlines that have restrictions include Air Asia which only accepts direct debit in AUD and Delta Airlines which only accept PayPal in USA. Emirates accept AUD, EUR, GBP and USD only.

By understanding how to buy airline tickets with PayPal and understanding which airlines accept this kind of payment one can be able to buy the tickets in a more convenient manner.

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  1. Why would this be a good idea? If you load your pay pal account with money from your credit card, you will lose all of the protections the credit card provides for purchases. My wife and I paid for a vacation with our Chase card, we were unable to go, and we got a full refund.