How to Buy Property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers affordable luxury living that meets your taste and budget. It’s one of the top retirement destinations in the world with a hidden treasure.

Why foreigners should buy property in Costa Rica

Just like other citizens, foreigners have the right to own property as guaranteed by the constitution. This country boasts of a thriving economy and stable political climate.

According to Worldwide Governance Indicators 2010, Costa Rica was ranked among the few countries with the highest political stability index.

Another reason is to take advantage of the natural attractions. Costa Rica is ranked second in the Tourism competitiveness index. The country has invested heavily in protecting its national parks, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and other attractions.

Thirdly, the country has invested in infrastructure. Costa Rica is easily accessible from all over the world through Daniel Oduber and Juan Santamaria airports. What’s more, the roads meet the North American and European standards which make traveling more pleasant and convenient. You’ll also find people from all walks of life including Canadians, Americans, and Europeans. Given that there are many English speakers, it’s easy to make
new friends.

Best places to buy real estate in Costa Rica

Because this beautiful country offers many real estate opportunities, you may be overwhelmed by the available options. To help you clear the confusion, here are the best places to buy property.

The Caribbean coast

The Caribbean beach offers hot and ultra relaxed lifestyle. You’ll find luxury condos, apartments, and commercial properties for sale. This area is simply paradisiacal thanks to the surrounding beaches. Furthermore, there are dozens of hotels, bars, and restaurants to meet your everyday needs.

The central valley

The striking homes perched in the mountains capture the region’s real estate market. Most properties in this area are located close to hospitals and airports. Other than that, the temperatures are stable all year round.

Nicoya Peninsula

If you’re looking for a place close to the beach without breaking your bank, Nicoya Peninsula should be on top of your list. Apart from the tranquility of beach living, you’ll find all the modern day amenities to help you live a comfortable life.

Requirements for buying property

Before you buy property in Costa Rica, you should do your due diligence. The buying process is quick and easy when dealing with the right professionals.

First, you need a good legal advisor to help you navigate the market. The attorney ensures there is a clear title to the property from the real estate registry.

Additionally, he will help you prepare the official documents to be signed by the buyer and the seller. Secondly, you need a real estate corporation to help you obtain utility services if you’re a foreigner. That way, you can buy your property without incurring huge transaction costs.

Recommended property brokers and websites

It’s vital that you seek the services of a broker before buying property in Costa Rica. The most trusted property brokers to help you find a fairly priced property include Tico Realty, RPM Real estate, ABC real estate, and Grecia rentals.

Final thoughts

Buying your dream property in Costa Rica is considered a sound investment as you’re guaranteed to enjoy a huge return on your investment after a few years. This country offers a true embodiment of elegant living.

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