How to Find a Good Wife in the Philippines

Hey brothers how is it going today, hoping that I can provide some help if you ever do truly decide to marry a Filipina.

Avoid Westernized Filipinas

First things first if you are going to get a Filipina, get a Filipina, do not under any circumstances marry one that has lived and/or worked abroad, in westernized countries for an extended period of time, because the product will more than likely be defective.

By that I mean she has had to adapt and learn to live in a new culture so the authenticity of her being a Filipina has worn off so it is no different than marrying someone who is already living there, except she may look different. I do not want you guys to marry one that looks the part but one that can also play the part too.

Seek a Filipina with Strong Family Ties

A Filipina with strong family ties and a good upbringing will serve you like a king my brothers. She will cater to you, like she is supposed to and will follow you like the man of the house that you are.

She will love you and only you, you are her foreigner and you are all she wants. Again, this is what you guys want and I want to be honest with you so there is full transparency: my dad married a Filipina, my brother did, and l will too.

I have seen first-hand how my dad’s wife (stepmom for me) has served him for years, cooking for him every day to even washing his feet when he asks (No BS). Do not get me wrong your Filipina wife is not your maid but a good solid women that is there to help you with whatever you need and I swear she will make it easy for you to love her back and for a woman like that you will have no problem going above and beyond to do for her too.

In my case because I lived there I was able to physically be around the girls I chose to date, but in most cases you guys will have to settle for online dating (in the beginning) and there is nothing wrong with that.

After you have chosen the girl you like and the conversation has been good and you feel she is the one, go ahead and make the move to come and see her just so you know it’s not words but it is for real.

If you feel or find out that it is not what you thought, it never does hurt to have a plan B.

Do Not Send Money to Avoid Getting Scammed

I advise against you guys sending money of any kind for at least the first 6months to a year, because that is the “getting to know her period.”

There may be times that you will be asked to do it, sometimes that is a test and if it is something small like maybe $100 or less and you feel you can afford, no problem to send it. This will also help you to know if she is a real woman for you or not.

If she needs it to handle a situation and she explains it out to you and doesn’t ask for anymore for a long time but you guys still talk often, she may be good to go.

On the other hand, I would also recommend saying “no” or telling her you can’t really do that right now, the first time she asks, just to see how the conversation goes after that. If it remains good and consistent, then surprise her and send it anyway.

Never send more than you can afford, of course, and always be weary of the ones that always have a problem that requires financial help, because they could be trying to scam.

The most common one’s are anything dealing with relatives in the hospital, or blatantly tell you they have problems paying any type of bills.

Choose Your Wife Carefully and Take Your Time

There will always be a few bad ones in a good bunch, so be careful in your selection for a Filipina mate. Never ever spoil them once you have them, please guys.

These women are more than likely use to having the bare minimum there whole life and for you to come in, marry them, and give them all these unnecessary things, is absurd.

I am sure you guys would not do that, but you do not have to spend massive amounts of money on this girl because she needs to know her role and remember she is there for you not the other way around.

You are authorized to give her just a little bit more than she is used to and she will be just as happy, I promise.

Do Not Take Her Back to Your Country

I have seen many guys make this mistake. You could be with any Filipina you want, so never settle if you feel it is bad because, in the Philippines, once you marry, there is no divorce, only annulment.

I recommend you and your wife live in the Philippines and not take her back to your country because you do not want her to be tainted by a lifestyle you may not want in your woman (partying, etc.).

Also be sure to choose a good mate because if you do decide to live in the Philippines a lot of properties and things YOU pay for will be in HER name (except the condominium foreigners are allowed to own). Do not allow yourself to get messed up.

If there is anything you want me to discuss in detail please let me know, I just wanted to give you guys some knowledge before you take that next step.


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  1. Wow! just… f*cking.. wow you guys! “the product will be tainted”… These women aren’t products, they are humans in a bad situation and you all want to use them as sex slaves (or just regular slaves?) i can’t be sure… just… Wow!