How to Get Laid in Hostels Like a Boss

No one wants to come back from a long trip without at least one exciting story of overseas romance.

Two souls exploring the world together, magical nights spent in exotic cities… What could be more conductive to some hot affairs?

Traveling can be lonely, so it’s understandable if you are looking for some hot girls to get laid.

For a single guy traveling on a budget, you are most likely to say in hostels. In these inexpensive dormitories you sleep among some other fellow budget travelers, mostly under thirty.

Most hostels are bars themselves or have bars nearby. The combination of drinking and youngsters looking for adventures far from home, most likely leads to explosive hormones. You just need to know how to take advantage of the situation in order to get laid in a hostel.

Here is your step by step strategy.

First, look for some hot girls in the common area. Hang around there until you see someone you would like to get close with, then go say “hello” and make introductions. Don’t sit by yourself for too long because it is very rarely even in these special circumstances that a girl will approach you first.

After this opening you can follow up by asking the girl where she is from, how long she has been traveling, where she has been and where she is going. This will build some rapport and in a hostel this is kind of standard conversation amongst travelers.

A hostel is different from your local bar and backpacker girls are more likely to be in the mood to meet other people. That means that most often in a hostel most of the girls are going to chat with you.

Your safest bet is to find a solo girl. Hot girls that are traveling alone are more open to hook up. To maximize your chances you should be the first dude she meets up in the hostel. Don’t lose your time with girls who are not traveling alone. When they travel in groups, you’ll be going against peers’ pressure.

Once you are done with establishing a report with a hot single girl in a hostel, your next problem is to find a place to get laid. It’s best to not be that annoying couple who wakes everyone up in the middle of the night with their quiet moans. Assume that everyone can hear you in the common dorm and better look for some more private places.

A good hostel would usually have a clean and large bathroom equipped with some showers. There are also rooftops, stairwells, closets, laundry rooms and TV rooms. Explore and find a nice and private hideout for your little hostel affair. Lead the girl to the banging location of your choice, like a shower of laundry room.

The good thing about getting laid in a hostel is that you have abundance. There are lots of hot single girls to choose from, if you are a regular of hostel accommodations. Every day, some new single girls will eventually come in searching for adventure, romance and fun. You can be that guy who provides all that experience for them.

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