How to Impress a Brazilian Girl

It feels so nice to dream about how to become a man that girls dream about. And not just think but pump yourself up and reach the level when the girls around you begin wondering how to pick you up and what to do make you notice them.

You can keep dreaming, and I, meanwhile, will try to get you to understand how to impress a Brazilian girl.

How to impress girls

This task is quite difficult if you tend to think like everyone else, but it becomes pretty simple if you think differently. How to do that? I’ll tell you in a moment.

Do you know where any success is born? Success with women, in business, in sports, and even in losing weight? That’s right, inside your head. It starts with your way of thinking. You’re not a millionaire yet because your way of thinking is too ‘normal.’ You’re not successful with women because you already think you’re Don Juan. You are not. Not yet.

All revolutions and any progress begin in the head.

The stereotypes telling that all women need is a nice car, lots of money, six-pack abs, and other nonsense you believe in – these are the things that keep you from success because these stereotypes have actually nothing to do with reality.

I don’t consider myself rich, I don’t have a car, and I still dream about six-pack abs, but I sleep with girls, who’re so hot that you’d burn alive if you’d looked at them.

Back in the day, I was exactly the same as you and tried to please every girl. The way she would think about me and how she would remember me seemed very important to me. Yes, the opinion of a stranger I’d never see again in my life meant a lot to me! Hey, do you want to meet a girl that will mean a lot to you? Check out this site where you can hook up with Ukrainian girls.

Can you imagine how many mistakes I’ve made? Yeah, a lot and a little bit above that.

If you really want girls to be at your feet, follow the rules below.

How to surprise a Brazilian girl:

  • Do whatever you want;
  • Don’t be afraid to offend her;
  • Be a man.
  1. Do whatever you want

If you want to tell her something, just say it. You don’t need to keep this to yourself. Like her breasts? Tell her about it! Like her butt? Tell her about it! Like her lips? That’s right – tell her about it! If you want to hug her – hug her. If you want to kiss – do it. And it doesn’t matter whom you’re dealing with – a Brazilian, Ukrainian, or German girl.

You don’t need to ask permission; you don’t need to wait for her approval; you don’t need anything at all. If you want to do it, don’t hesitate. Be sure to check out for more tips.

She’ll get wet once she sees that you’re not messing around, and if you keep acting like every single guy before you, you’ll get the same result as them, and you’ll not get anything from her.

  1. Don’t be afraid to offend her

I don’t know why guys keep thinking that they risk hurting a girl’s feelings if they say something rude or swear in her presence.

Again, this is your messed-up way of thinking or just too good manners tying your hands. If you don’t want to communicate with her – don’t do that; if you don’t like her behavior – tell her about it. Let her know her place.

If you just slept with her, and you don’t want to see her again, cut all contacts with her. This is normal. You’re not obliged to anyone. Don’t forget that only men, not weaklings, get what they want.

  1. Be a man

In this paragraph, I’ll try to explain what I mean by saying “be a man.”

Girls spread their legs before a man! Not before his Bentley (I’ll skip some exceptions), not before Franklin’s portraits in his wallet (we’re not talking about prostitutes here), and not before the perfect body. Are you a real man? Then visit to meet the hottest women on the web.

What do you think is a real man? A real man is an internal state. Period. If your self-esteem is weaker than hers, no personal airplanes, yachts, or space shuttles will help – she’ll never see a macho man in you.

A woman is looking for a man with a character stronger than hers. She wants to feel weak next to him. As soon as she feels a man in you, she’ll spread her legs. She’ll do this unconsciously because all girls are predictable, and Brazilians are no exception. They’re looking for alfa males.

You’ll never hear something like “I’m not like that! I’m not sleeping with guys on a first date.” Know why? Because you’re not like the other guys! You’re not like everyone she dealt with before. Weak men lowered their eyes in front of her and were afraid to touch her. But how will you drag her into bed if you’re afraid to look her in the eye?

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  1. To all of you SJWs talking about how disgusting and degrading this article is, I have one question. What is the right way to impress a Brazilian woman? And DON’T say the cliché “just be yourself”, “be nice” , “be respectful”, etc. Plenty of men have tried to be themselves, nice and respectful and have little to no kind of luck with the women they want. Recent studies have shown that men are becoming less sexually active than women. That is because of the growing number of simps that are falling for the lies that society says is the “right thing to do”.
    Meanwhile, plenty of guys do the complete opposite. They’re “toxic”, they don’t put women on a pedestal, they have their women “make them a sandwich”, and they do a bunch of other grimey stuff. Nevertheless, THESE are the guys that are having plenty of success in pursing the women they want. THESE are the guys that the women choose and want to have intimacy with despite the contradictory that comes from saying what they want in a man. So, with all that said, what is the right way to impress a Brazilian woman?

      • you are the brainwhased in here. how tf do you think this post is okay???? woman are not a piece of meat to win and do whatever you want, kissing or hugging anybody without consent is sexual abuse. i hope you get better. wishing the best <3

      • you are the brainwhased in here. how tf do you think this post is okay???? woman are not a piece of meat to win and do whatever you want, kissing or hugging anybody without consent is sexual abuse. i hope you treat yourself. wishing the best

  2. I’m not even gonna start by saying this is sexist and degrading, because I believe that’s beyond obvious. But THERE IS NO SUCH THING as touching someone or kissing someone without their consent. There is a name for that.. SEXUAL ABUSE.
    And just to sum up.. women don’t want to feel weak next to their partners. You’re in the 21st century.. act like it and stop spreading stupid advice on the internet.

    • Lmao all these brain dead simps in the comments, look at who these Brazilian girls are dating and going crazy for, they’re are not nice, as much as It doesn’t sound right but most girls like assholes Brazilian girls are not excluded, but don’t be too mean, just treat yourself as a priority

  3. Tarik, WTH was this!? I MW you. I think you’re one the dopest bloggers on the web. However, this is the most female degrading article yet. You made women seem like some piece of meat. Have some respect for that gender. Ugh. And then we men get mad when they say we’re sexists!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love a$$ and t1ts, but I’d NEVER try and write something like this. Do yourself a favor and delete this from the site. You crossed the line w this one.