How to Make Cheap Unlimited International Calls to USA for $3 Per Month

As an expat living overseas, you need a cheap and affordable way to make calls to your home country for family and business reasons.

When I first lived overseas, I made the mistake of making international roaming calls using my unlocked international smartphone.

Not only is this super expensive, but it forces you to make each call so short. I remember paying up to $0.20 cents per minute just to make a simple call to the United States.

I made this mistake for years until I discovered the cheapest and easiest way to Call the United States for only $3 per month.

How to Call the United States for Only $3 Per Month

I use the Skype Unlimited Calls to the US package for only $3 per month. This allows you to call both cell phones and landlines for extremely cheap. Here’s how you sign up for the plan.

Step 1 – Create a Skype Account

Go to and create an account. Download the Skype app to your cell phone and sign in to your account.

Step 2 – Purchase the Unlimited U.S. Calls Package

Go to plans and purchase the U.S. unlimited calls package. You can pay using credit card or Paypal.

Step 3 – Start Using the Package to Make Calls

You have to wait around 10 minutes for confirmation. Skype will email you and you can start using your new package.

I’ve saved so much money using Skype to make calls to America. All you need is an internet WIFI connection or mobile data. I can talk to family & friends for hours without spending any extra money on roaming charges.

Bonus Tip: Get a US Phone Number and Redirect Calls to Skype

If you want an extra benefit, you can purchase a U.S. number for $6.50 and share your US number with your family, friends, and business associates.

Now, people can call your US number and get directed straight to your Skype number. This is another easy way for Americans to contact you toll free.

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