How to Save An Extra 3% Off Your Agoda Bookings

Agoda Partners Program

Whenever you travel, one of the biggest challenges is finding a clean and safe place to stay. I recommend using Agoda for finding a good hotel room in a safe neighborhood.

But did you know there’s an extra way to save even more money on your Agoda bookings?

Agoda has a partner program where you can sign up and book your own room under your partner account. If you travel frequently like I do, you can save quite a bit of money on your bookings.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 – Go to the Agoda Partner site and create an account.

Step 2 – After you create your account, you will have to confirm your account via email.

Step 3 – Log into your Partner account and click the “Profile” tab

Step 4 – Scroll down until you see the “Make Your Bookings Here” and Click the “Make a Booking” Button

This will guarantee that you get credit for any bookings under your partner account. You can save an extra 3% off your Agoda bookings using this method.

When your partner account reaches the minimum threshold, then Agoda will send a payment directly to your bank account via direct deposit.

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