I was Banned From Youtube

I just wanted to let you guys know that I was banned from Youtube this week. That’s why you cannot find any of my videos.

I may start uploading my videos to this website instead so Youtube or other platforms cannot censor me.

My Youtube channel hit nearly 5 million total views including nearly 4 million over the past 28 days before I got cancelled.

What do you guys think? Hit reply and let me know if you found my videos helpful or interesting.

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  1. This blog is better than YouTube.

    You could easily post audio and visual content here on Expatkings.

    Just make sure you are dealing with consensual adults with your audio and visual content and you won’t run into any issues.
    Youtube is a dying over censored though policing platform anyway.

    Focus on update UI/UX and user experience here on Expatkings.

  2. All of us “Old Heads/OG’s/Uncs” warned you countless times, however, your rusty ass called us “HATERS”, and all for the sake of content, clout, and cash. Now go out a quarter in your ass, because you played yourself.
    I personally want to congratulate you for messing it up for us MEN who plan on visiting the Philippines, jagoff.

    • @David L Webb If you believe TJs content errors have had any impact on men traveling to the Philippines, you are delusional. I know several men in the Philippines right now, who didn’t even mention the incident.

      If anything, the targeting of TJ has EDUCATED others about laws in the Philippines. Moving forward, other foreigners are now aware of an obscure law many didn’t know about.

      TJs mistake was a teachable moment, but to TRASH him because you are spooked by a cultural misunderstanding over-blown by the lamestream media is WEAK.

      Notice you don’t mention the White German in that article who was charged for SEXUAL crimes against minors. Yet, the White German didn’t mess it up for men?

      TJs oversight hasn’t messed ANYTHING about for foreign men, he has only been a scapegoat at worst and a cultural lesson at best.

      I’m confident he will adjust to the new knowledge.

  3. I followed you and found it very interesting. What you see for yourself, i guess is not real. People saying you are filming underage girls – well – what is that underage girl doing in a known prositution area? You video that area and catch those girls where they should not be at times they should not be there! I live in the Philippines – i completely understand the culture and what is acceptable and what is not. Shame these people of virtue think they can only judge one. Good Luck. I tried to find you last time i was in Angeles – I have a house in Pangasinan and Cainta . Keep the faith.

  4. Just respect people when you go to a hospitable country.
    Don’t overstep and bring your frustration with you as American women are entitled in general and are toxic.
    You very well know this,you play the shit your are doing in the Philipines in the US, you would get plenty of time in jail or you would end up killed by the police like a dog.
    So be humble man.

  5. People on your site tried to warn you repeatedly that this was gonna happen. You were shoving that camera in peoples faces when they were clearly uncomfortable. Labeling random women freelancers and showing underage girls was almost guaranteed to get your channel taken down down. Got to be more discrete in your actions and have respect for the community.

    • The Philippines don’t even know what woke is. The kid got banned from YouTube for stupid shit. He was warned by several expats here to stop harassing the girls by shoving a camera in their faces without permission. He never fully realized he was a visitor not a resident and word around the campfire is his name will be listed and banned entry into the Philippines for a period of 5 years. If one girl files one case against him he’s looking at spending a little Asian jail time. I know this for a fact

      • I never saw him shove a camera in any girl’s face. Just because he’s a foreigner, doesn’t mean he can’t make videos here. Many of the girls were friendly to him. He did nothing illegal, and the Philippines has no reason to ban him.

      • “The Philippines don’t even know what woke is.”

        I feel you’re underestimating the Filipino social politics. The Philippines is primarily a Catholic nation, which is one of the most fundamental forms of religion. They understand what woke is, but don’t call it “wokeness.”

        “He was warned by several expats here to stop harassing the girls by shoving a camera in their faces without permission.”

        I agree with you. Just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t make it wrong.

        “If one girl files one case against him he’s looking at spending a little Asian jail time.”

        Sexual harassment is now a jailable offense, unironically, partially because of how unruly expats in public…unironically.

        Lastly, what I meant by “the woke mob” is groups that live to spread their identity politics. Those people ban people for lesser offenses. Therefore, this young man stood no chance.

  6. Here is what you do. Go ahead and appeal if you can on Youtube or make your account as usual. Make sure folks can find you again. Not saying you have to stop your videos but be a little inconspicuous and/or toe the line like every other youtuber who does these type of videos but don’t get banned. You can upload your videos here and name them like you did on your banned channel, but when you upload to youtube, do the titles like “Taking a walk through walking street Angeles” or something similar. Going too direct will bring youtubes eyes on you. See certain other youtubers who have 100k subs and very similar videos but are not getting cancelled for more examples of how to do it. And maybe for the videos, just do it walking straight ahead but looking back on the interesting ones. Going too direct looks too unsightly.