Is Angeles City Safe to Visit?

Downtown Angeles City

Before you book a trip to Angeles City, you may be thinking “How Safe is Angeles City? Is it safe for solo travelers?”

I’ve been to Angeles City 3 times and each time I had a different experience. In this article, I’m going to talk about the overall safety of Angeles City and give you some safety tips protect yourself and enjoy your trip.

Is Angeles City Safe?

Yes but you need to be careful where you go at night, which area you live in and who you talk to.

Angeles City is a medium sized sprawling city where foreigners travel to meet young, beautiful Filipina girls. Others visit here to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila. Many expats retire here due to the extremely low cost of living.

The Philippine National Police listed Angeles City as the 5th most peaceful city in the Philippines so it’s much safer overall than the capital, Manila.

When visiting Angeles, I recommend staying in a hotel or condo near the Fields Ave & Perimeter Road area. This area is well lit at night, has lots of security guards at every building and is extremely foreigner-friendly.

You can find cheaper accommodation outside of this area but you are putting your safety at risk. Locals are known to beat up and rob drunk foreigners so stay alert. I knew a 40-something American expat who got robbed quite a few times because he loved to drink too much rum every night.

The good thing is you can avoid a lot of problems if you avoid binge drinking and use common sense. Still, please understand local Filipinos travel to the Angeles City nightlife area looking to get money from foreigners by any means necessary.

My Top 5 Angeles City Safety Tips

  1. Do not drink alcohol – Avoiding alcohol removes a lot of risk when you travel around Angeles at night. Also, it goods for your health.
  2. Carry your money in your fanny pack or sock (be careful about your pockets) – There are lots of pickpockets hanging out on Walking Street so be careful about your cash,
  3. Girlproof your room – Bar girls are a bit safer but you really need to be careful when picking up Angeles City freelancers. Many of these girls are young and desperate for cash. Lock up your valuables and don’t flash cash or expensive electronics.
  4. Make Your Girl Show ID at the Front Desk – This gives you some information to report to the police in case something goes wrong. If she doesn’t have ID, then do not bring her to your hotel/condo. There are a few short term hotels near Walking Street for those risky girls.
  5. Don’t fight or argue; Report all problems to the police – Some expats & locals will start trouble with you hoping to see you behind bars or in an expensive bribe position with the police. The Angeles City Police Station 4 (M.A Roxas Hwy Cor Constine) is located along Fields Ave across from the main Walking Street entrance. If you have any problems, go straight to the police. Don’t try to be superman in a foreign country.

Best Areas to Stay in Angeles City

Risky Areas You Should Avoid (Worst Places to Stay)

  • Dau (Lots of snatchers & criminals come from this area)
  • Malabacat

Tips for Solo Travelers

Sometimes traveling solo makes you feel vulnerable and you don’t want to put yourself at risk going around Angeles City (especially at night).

Make friends with other expats because most foreigners in Angeles are laid back, relaxed, and eager to share important information. If you have trouble making friends, then stay at a hostel to mingle with other travelers like you.

I normally stay in condos now but I always stayed in hostels when I started traveling years ago. It’s easy to meet people plus you have a safety net of foreigners like you who are willing to grab some food, hang out, and keep each other safe.

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