Is It Safe for Black Americans to Travel the World?

When I took my first international trip nine years ago, I was terrified to travel the world by myself.

The American media does a wonderful job of showing the worst sides of most foreign countries. If you watch CNN, you will see nothing but negativity because if it bleeds, it leads.

My first trip to Costa Rica changed my mindset on traveling the world. Believe it or not, some foreign countries are safer than America and you will experience better treatment too.

Gain Travel Experience

Before you travel the world, you need some travel experience first. My suggestion is to book a one week trip to a nearby country to see if you like traveling in the first place.

Make a List of Your Dream Destinations

Hungry for more? Next, you should make a list of countries where you will feel safe.

Use Good Judgement at Night

It’s safe to travel the world if you plan ahead, use good judgement, and avoid wandering around the streets at night. After visiting over a dozen countries over the last nine years, I believe 99% of be experiences happen after midnight.

Going out during the day and avoiding the nightlife will make your trips much, much safer.

Of course, most of the nightlife starts after midnight so you will have to figure out what is more important to you: safety or fun.

Tips for Black Female Travelers

If you are a black female traveler, then I recommend finding a travel buddy in your hometown or pair up with another traveler during your trip. It is easy to find travel buddies in hostels because that is where most solo travelers end up.

Tips for Black Male Travelers

If you are male, then I suggest dating a local woman who will show you around the country better, teach you the local language and help keep you safe by pointing out dangerous situations for you.

These are the suggestions I have for black Americans who wants to travel the world.

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  1. I’m a black british guy. I have been to 20 countries and never experienced racism or been robbed. When your black abroad your less likely to get robbed, because locals think your poor and you can blend in more in certain countries.