Is It Safe for Black Men to Visit Manila?

Are you wondering if it’s safe for black men to visit Manila?

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines with over 20+ million residents. It’s currently one of the biggest cities in the world and has seen a huge boom in tourism over the years.

If you plan to visiting the Philippines, many people will advise you to spend only a couple days in Manila and head to other parts of the Philippines like Cebu and Boracay.

Manila is relatively safe if you know which areas to avoid and which areas are safe. Here is a quick rundown of safe places and places to avoid:

Safe Neighborhoods in Manila

  • Makati – The business district of Manila and one of the safest places to visit.
  • BGC – Another upscale area that is very similar to the United States. Prices are a bit higher than Makati and it’s very safe to walk around.
  • Rockwell – It’s very safe area and you will find some of the wealthiest Filipinos in Manila living here.

Neighborhoods to Avoid in Manila

  • Malate – A very dangerous area that only gets tourist traffic because of L.A. Cafe. I don’t recommend staying in this area at all.
  • Paranaque – Another low class neighborhood that’s located near the airport. It’s full of poverty and drugs. Avoid at all costs.
  • Ermita – It’s located near Malate and should be avoided for safety reasons.
  • Pasay – It’s a decent neighborhood, but you won’t find so many tourists/expats living here. I’d avoid it.

My Advice for Black Men in Manila: Stay in Makati

If you want to stay safe during your trip, then my best advice is to stay in Makati. You will find many black expats and tourists already living there so you won’t have a problem networking with other brothas.

Also, you can go out at night and not worrying about your safety (even if you had a little too much to drink). If you only plan to spend a few days/weeks in Manila, then stay in Makati.

Hotel & Room Recommendations

Use AirBNB or [eafl id=”100000416″ name=”Agoda” text=”Agoda”] to find an affordable room in Makati. If you want to stay near a lot of the action, then here’s a list of guest friendly Makati hotels near the P Burgos St redlight strip.

P. Burgos St is the red light district area in Makati and you can find many P4P bars & nightclubs there. Makati Ave is one of the biggest main streets that connects from the nice malls in Gioretta all the way to P. Burgos St.

Did you feel safe in Manila? Share your personal story in the comments section below.

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  1. Thanks Tarik! its Ernest from Hawaii! I visited manila and found that you are correct. I do not like manila overall, but Makati was the best and safest. I plan to go back very soon see you there.