Is It Safe for Black Men to Visit Ukraine?

Ukraine is a small country in Eastern Europe located next to Russia. It’s a rather poor country, but is home to some of the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe.

Many brothas have considered visiting and/or moving to Ukraine, but have second thoughts due to rumors of racism and abuse. I’ve always wondered if Ukraine is a safe pace to visit.

Meet Oshay Jackson – A Black American Expat Living in Eastern Europe

Let me introduce you to Oshay Jackson. He’s a Black American pre-med student living in Polando who frequently travels to Ukraine. He runs a popular Youtube vlog and writes for the website, Negromanosphere.

In one of his latest videos, he guides you around the city of Liviv, Ukraine.

Things I learned from the Video

  • Ukraine is safer than you think – I have never heard about Oshay receiving abuse or taunts. He seems to fit well within Ukraine society.
  • Ukraine isn’t a good place to make money – The infrastructure looks beautiful but there is a lack of commerce and business opportunities.
  • Ukraine people are down to earth – There aren’t many flashy cars or people wearing expensive clothing. It’s probably a blue collar town with strong family ties.

Oshay has visited Ukraine over 3 times so there is definitely something attracting him again and again. According to him, Ukraine women are super hot and easy to date. Not to mention the cost of living in Ukraine is really cheap.

If you’re looking for hot European chicks and low cost of living, then pick up a Ukraine travel guide and plan your next trip.

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  1. I recently came back from doing volunteer work,with animals in South Africa,and made friends with a cute young girl from Ukraine.Yes,they are indeed very attractive,down to earth and not too materialistic from what I experienced.That being said,each case is different and you cannot assume that all Ukraine girls are the same.The obvious factors,to watch out for,apply as in any country.And I’m a strong believer in NEVER bringing back a girl to the Anglosphere….NEVER NEVER NEVER…oh and did I mention NEVER!!!
    This part of the world will corrupt Mother Teresa…I’m with Tarik on his idea that there are some evil minds that run the West.If you want true happiness,travel and re-locate with your dream girl as you will always have the upper hand being a Westerner.