Is It Time for Black Men to Leave America?

Thinking about becoming an expat and leaving America? It’s not as hard as you think.

FUBM (For Us Black Men) posted an interesting video that encourages brothas to leave America and move to a foreign country where you will receive better treatment.

In the video above, he discusses a wide range of problems in America along with helpful solutions for the average man.

Best Countries for Expats

After talking with several expats, he came up with a list of good countries:

All of these countries provide expats with a high quality of life, beautiful women, warmer weather and a more relaxed lifestyle.

Dating in America

FUBM shares several solutions to meeting higher quality women outside of your neighborhood:

  • Dress up a bit
  • Groom yourself
  • Workout a few times per week
  • Go to coffee shops or grocery stores in the suburbs

This is where you will gain access to foreign women because they usually live in the suburbs of the city. African, Asian, Indian, Latin American, and Arab women will be much more receptive to you if you start hanging out where they live.

Resources Mentioned in the video

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  1. Yes…I mean he’ll y

    Yes… hell yes…America is a wrap…and if black people got any sanity left they will leave or separate from white America… become one and separate. Either we with each other, or we are to serve white people as our God forever…that’s it…ain’t no in betweens or alternatives.