Is the Dominican Republic a Good Place to Live & Retire for Black Men?

Is the DR a good place for black men?

A lot of people are wondering whether the DR is still safe ever since a black American couple was found dead while traveling in the Dominican Republic. Other videos of violent crimes and general chaos have been circulating on Youtube and Facebook, making the DR look like an uncivilized, savage place to live.

So what’s the deal with the DR?

I visited the Dominican Republic a while ago and didn’t really like the overall vibe of the country.

Of course, I was a bit biased since I visited places like Brazil and Colombia. Here’s my opinion on the DR along with my overall recommendation on whether to visit the country or not (please leave your opinions in the comments!).

Visas (8/10)

If you’re a US citizen, you don’t need a tourist visa for trips under 30 days. All you need is a $10 tourist card and the fee is included in your airline ticket.

Lots of men take mini-trips to the Dominican Republic several times per year. That way, you can stack your cash at home then go to the DR and have fun. Rinse and repeat.

For long term expats and retirees, you’ll need a longer term visa like the resident or Pensiando visa.

Permanent resident visas require a lengthy application process but all you need is the right documents and cash. Simple stuff.

Food (8/10)

Caribbean food is delicious and you’ll have no problems adapting to the local cuisine.  You must enjoy the local food or else you’ll be eating a lot of fast food (if you don’t like cooking). Here’s a list of popular Dominican foods to try.

Women (9/10)

Dominican women are very sexy. They have great bodies, good facial features and come in many different colors although the brown-skinned morena look is the most popular. Brothas have been going to single man paradises like Sosua for years.

Dominican women are up there when it comes to the overall beauty and only Brazilian and Ethiopian women look better than sexy Dominicanas.

Safety (4/10)

It’s my biggest overall problem in the DR and main reason why I haven’t been back in a while.

I honestly never felt 100% safe in the Dominican Republic.

The poverty in the DR is real and foreigners have always been targets for robberies and petty theft. Crime happens everywhere but the DR seems to feature some of the most shocking crimes against foreigners.

I would NEVER get drunk in the DR and wouldn’t flash cash or electronics anywhere. My advice would be to dress down and act cool. Dominican guys are cool but crushing poverty is an issue.

Sosua appears to be a bit safer than other spots like Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Business & Job Opportunities (5/10)

The Dominican Republic GDP per capita is only $7,000 so you’re not likely to make the same salary you would back home.

Jobs don’t pay as much in the DR, which is why a lot of brothas use geographic arbitrage to fund their trips to the DR (Earn US dollars then spend in Dominican Pesos).

If you want to work in the DR, then you need a work visa and cedula permit to get a job. You can apply for these at your local Dominican embassy before your trip.

However, you’re probably better off using geographic arbitrage, starting an online business or investing in Dominican Republic Real Estate to make money.

Healthcare (6/10)

Most travel blogs don’t talk much about healthcare but it’s definitely something to consider if you want to move to the DR permanently. Now, if you get hurt or develop a serious illness, most expats will head back to their home country to receive treatment.

However, Santo Domingo does offer first class hospital treatment but you need international health insurance to keep potential healthcare costs at bay.

If you are just traveling for a few weeks, then travel insurance will keep you covered during your trip.

Retirement (7/10)

Finally, this section is for you brothas who are looking to retire in the DR.

Should you retire in the DR? Yes but it’s not as easy as you think.

Youtube is filled with guys who are retired (or semi-retired) in the DR but you must understand the following things:

  • You need a pensionado visa (must show at least $1,500 monthly income to qualify)
  • Learning Spanish is a must (It’s easy to learn but something to think about)
  • Safety is a high priority (Living in a safe neighborhood and avoiding toxic people at night are your biggest priorities)

I didn’t list the Dominican Republic in my best countries for black men to retire list but I’m thinking about updating that list and including the DR.

Again, my only issue with the DR is overall safety and it’s one of my main requirements for choosing a country to live in.

I left the USA years ago but don’t want to live in a dangerous place. I’d rather put up with the Matrix USA than put my safety at risk overseas.


The Dominican Republic is a great choice for black male expats but I recommend taking a short trip before you move there permanently. Some people love it, some people hate it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the DR and I’m planning a trip at the end of 2019 to see what all the fuss is about. Heh

What Do You Think about the Dominican Republic? Did You Enjoy Your Trip? Are you currently living there?

Now, it’s your time to share your opinion. What’s the scene like in the DR? Is it still a good spot to live and retire?

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  1. As An African American Man that can “fit in” still living in the Dominican Republic. He is spot on when it comes to Safety. I have been living here for about 6 years. Do not be fooled by Youtubers talking about it is Safe. People do not walk around at night outside of tourists spots. The greatest problem is that many murders, home invasions, rapes can be sooo random. Every day people are shot, stabbed, or beaten due to a robbery in Santo Domingo. Many robberies are not always people with big money or expensive items. See this website it is a Dominican Website. Just watch it for a couple of days.

  2. I probably will NEVER visit the DR because of how racist, cruel, and how heartless towards their Haitian brothers/sisters on the other side of their shared island Hispaniola. It’s so bad that even if you ain’t Haitian, you’ll experience racism if you’re dark skinned.

  3. Years ago I would travel to the DR regularly. I would typically travel to the Puerto Plata Sosua areas. Yes, the women are beautiful and the beaches are very nice. Unfortunately, Dominicans are a bit confused about their culture and heritage. Ask a Dominican about their African heritage and it’s almost guaranteed that they will deny they’re Black. Culturally, Dominicans have a problem with the idea of being Black. For that reason, I give the DR 2 thumbs down. Consider the alternatives… Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil…

    • That’s their issue. Why would you care that someone else is in denial? That’s like holding a grudge or being upset because a man or a woman believes they were born the opposite sex and feel trapped in their present body lol. I wouldn’t let that deter me from living somewhere if i really did like the place.