Volution Review: Best African Bar & Restaurant in Manila, Philippines

La Vita Bar is a Cameroonian owned bar & restaurant in Manila, Philippines.

It is located in Makati, one of the best and safest neighborhoods in Manila. Just head to Makati Avenue near P burgos street and you will see it right across the street from Avenue mall. It is one of the nice spots for brothas to chill and grab drinks.

It is also the only African owned bar in Makati so you will see many people from West Africa hang out and mingle here.

The bar is made up of two different areas: an indoor seating area with a pool table and tvs.

The outdoor area includes open seating where you can relax and grab food and a drink. The prices are around $1 for a regular beer although the food Is quite expensive.

Average dishes range from around $8 and up. If you are looking to meet African women, this is one of the best spots in Makati. You will find women from countries like Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo and many other Franfohone countries.

Overall, it is one of the best spots to hang out in Makati if you want to get as close to an authentic African party as possible.

Location: 5353 General Luna, Makati, Metro Manila

Hours: 9am to 6am

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  1. Thanks Tarik! I am leaving tonight for the Philippines. I am going to help the poor over there and have some fun with the ladies. I dont have any game, all I got is money, goodlooks, dance moves and a good heart.