Whether you are planning on becoming an expat or taking your first trip overseas, you may encounter a new country and culture that’s different from English.

At first, you will experience culture shock and frustration. It’s natural. The best way to fully immerse yourself within a new country is by learning the local languauge.

There are many language courses available online (some paid and some free)! The problem is you can spend months studying a language only to find out you have zero confidence speaking to a local resident.

I spoke English and Spanish fluently but struggled to pick up other foreign languages until I found Mr. Moses aka The Foreign Language RoadRunning Man.

Moses is an Ohio State University graduate who speaks 36 languages at the conversational level. He even proves his magic capabilities on his free Youtube channel. I was so amazed by this talented man that I decided to purchase his courses and begin learning Chinese (Mandarin), the most widely spoken language in the world.

Moses and his methods will work for anyone, even if you never learned a 2nd language before. All of his courses cost only $40 to get started.

It takes around 8 weeks of course study and language practice to complete his course and become conversational in your chosen language.

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