How to Make Money and Travel to Brazil For Your 1st Trip

Welcome to class, fellas. My previous article about 10 reasons why Black men need to visit Brazil got lots of traffic so I’m writing another article in my Brazil series.

In this article, we are going to cover the following important topics:

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Buy Assets
  • Passive Income
  • United States Dollar to Brazilian Realis Exchange Rate
  • How Brazilian society views money
  • Working in Brazil full time

1. Increase Your Financial Intelligence

I’ve talked to a lot of brothas who want to visit Brazil and money seems to be a common problem. We’ve all been in a situation where our finances weren’t the best. Things ebb and flow. However, you should see a gradual increase in income & wealth as you become more financially intelligent.

What is Financial Intelligence?

“Fundamentally, financial intelligence boils down to three distinct skill sets: understanding the foundation, understanding the art of finance, and understanding financial analysis.”

The simple definition: Financial intelligence is the ability to understand how markets work, the difference between assets and liabilities, and how money finds the most confident hand.

If you want a comprehensive explanation of this concept, then buy a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. His book explains how the rich get rich while the poor and middle class struggle. Highly recommended.

2. Buy Assets, Get rid of Liabilties

Your 2nd step is to acquire assets and get rid of unnecessary liabilities before you plan your trip to Brazil. So What’s the difference between assets and liabilities?

Assets put money in your pocket. Liabilities take money out of your pocket.

Here’s a list of common assets and liabilities:


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Private owned Businesses
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Income generating websites
  • Music royalties
  • Passive income generators
  • Real Estate
  • Microloans


  • Mortgages
  • Cars
  • Personal Loans
  • Girlfriends
  • Alcohol & smoking habits
  • Cable bills
  • Netflix
  • Dining Out
  • Nightclubs

Get a piece of paper and make two columns for assets and liabilities. Write down all your assets in one column then jot down your liabilities on the other.

For most people, you have more liabilities than assets. This is why you are struggling to afford your trip to Brazil.

Get rid of the liabilities to stop money from leaving the expense column. Buy assets to send more money into the income column. It’s that simple!

Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Your goal is to get rid of every single liability you don’t really need or have use for. This is a must because expensive gifts & luxuries will keep you weighed down. You need to lighten your financial load to enjoy your Brazil trip.

Here’s a list of places to sell your stuff:

If you need help, read Lifehacker’s guide to selling your stuff.

Buy Assets You Know and Understand

Now, you need to buy some assets to put money in your pocket. However, you should avoid rushing into any major financial decision. Read a book on whatever topic you want to learn (real estate, stocks, etc) and slowly make smart purchases. You want assets that pay you every month. Don’t worry about the amount at first because it will grow over time.

3. Earn Passive Income

If you are familiar with the Charles Tyler Show, then you know how much he speaks about generating passive income. It’s a must if you want to live in Brazil like a king. Here’s a few common ways to earn money without being tied to one location:

The goal is to earn income from multiple sources. You can still keep your day job too. When I first started out online, I kept my day job but worked hard on my websites at night. Now, I earn enough income from my websites that I don’t need a job any longer.

It’s possible to find a job in Brazil while still earning passive income. I will show you how near the end of this article.

4. Understand the USD/BGP to Brazilian Reali Exchange Rate

If you earn your money in United States dollar or British pounds, then traveling to Brazil is one of the best decisions you can make financially.

The current exchange rate is below:

  • USD to Brazilian Realis: 4 to 1
  • British Pound to Brazilian Realis: 6 to 1

That’s right! You are 4x your buying power when you live in Brazil. What’s easier? Moving to Brazil or finding a way to make 4x as much money in your hometown. The answer is obvious.

Be Smart About Your Money

Be careful about purchasing apartments, hotels and services in Brazil. Here’s a few tips to make your money go further in Brazil:

  • Exchange your money at a local bank to get the best exchange rate. Airport exchange rate is awful. Only get a little bit if you need a taxi from the airport.
  • Don’t walk around with too much cash. Open an international bank account with zero ATM fees internationally.
  • Use credit cards over debit cards. You get more financial protection in case of theft or loss.
  • Always ask for prices in Brazilian Realis. Don’t say “How much in US Dollars?” You will pay a much higher price for sure. “Quanto? or “Quanto Costa” is Portuguese for “How Much?”. Very useful term.
  • Carry smaller Realis denotations. If you want to buy something from a local, they must not have any small change. This will cause unnecessary headaches so carry small bills and coins for everyday things.

5. Understand How Brazil is for most people (especially women)

Brazil is very different from the United States, Canada and the UK. There is no welfare system to help its citizens. Many Brazilians live on less than $200 US dollars per month. You will be seen as rich and wealthy by local Brazilians, especially women.

Understand that you will get lots of attention outside the tourist areas in Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana, Ipanema). There are several reasons behind this attention.

  1. You’re a foreigner – Many black men can pass for Brazilian if you dress like the locals. However, you will be identified as “gringo” by your mannerisms, voice, and gait.
  2. You have money – Many black Brazilian have little to no financial resources. You may be asked to buy dinner or take a girl out to eat. This is completely normal, but use common sense. If someone gets too aggressive or pushy, simply tell them “Nao”. Be polite but firm.
  3. Brazilian women LOVE a Black man with money – If you come to Brazil with money, you can easily find a wife. Once a Brazilian woman turns 21, her parents ask her when she is going to get married. The culture is very different from the United States. You will probably receive several marriage proposals when you arrive. However, I advise you be wary and understand the underlying motive. Brazilian women don’t have the same financial support as Black women in America do. She may live in crushing poverty or hate working for little pay. As long as you both bring something to the table, then I say go for it! Just make sure you are both getting value out of the relationship. Never be a walking wallet in Brazil. Learn to say “Nao” often!

6. Consider Working in Brazil

If you want to stay permanently, then think about working a job in Brazil. The most common job for foreigners is teaching English. I discussed how to get started teaching English in a previous article. Here’s a good article on how to find a job in Brazil as a foreigner.

You will need a Brazilian Employment visa and proof of residency. These things are easy to obtain. Visit your local US/UK consulate for more information.

Final Words: Take Action and Get Your Passport Ready

No matter how much I write, you won’t experience the fruits of Brazil until you get your passport, Brazilian visa, and plane ticket ready. Brazil has a lot to offer you if you do it right. It’s possible to visit multiple times per year or simply move there permanently. In the future, I will have a bunch of guys who moved to Brazil share their tips and strategies with you.

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  1. Hey my brother thank you for the insight keep it coming. I hope to one day visit and then at some point especially if the exchange rate continues to be favorable to move. I may be retiring in 14 years or so, so that gives me plenty of time to prepare….lol. one love my brother and thank you for all the information. Keep it coming