How to Make $5,000+ Per Month Trading Binary Options

I have been receiving a lot of questions about binary options so I decided to share with you how brothas are making over 5k per month as binary option traders.

I learned about binary options in 2015 from Charles Tyler, a well known Youtube guru who promotes the Brazil lifestyle to brothas stuck in the Matrix USA.

Meet Charles Tyler


Charles Tyler is a brotha who found happiness in Brazil and decided to share his experiences with his Youtube and Facebook channels.

I spoke with Charles Tyler via phone and he claims to make around 5k per month as an options trader. This is a great opportunity for you to quit your day job and travel the world while trading from the comfort of your laptop.

Most of his binary options advice is geared towards living in Brazil, but you can trade from anywhere in the world.

Making Passive Income with Binary Options Part 1

Making Passive Income with Binary Options Part 2

Trading binary options is a simple process. Trading profitably, however, is another story altogether. If not careful, an investor can lose his/her capital in a manner of minutes due to the high volatility of the binary options market.

What Is Binary Options?

Create Your Free Binary Options Account with Finpari

In a nutshell, participants of binary options trading attempt to speculate if an underlying asset can break above or below a certain price at a certain period in time. If their predictions are correct, they gain cash. If not, they lose cash.

As simple as it looks, beginners must fully understand how the respective market works and find a trading style that they can consistently make money with. Here is a guide on how to trade binary options for beginners.

Why Trade Binary?

For starters, binary options offer a means to participate in the market with capped risk and capped gain potential, based on a heads or tails proposition. For instance, if you believe the price of gold will be above $1,250 at 1:30 p.m. today, you buy the option. If you think otherwise, you sell it.

Traders who prefer to open and close trades quickly to make quick gains can also benefit from trading binary options. You can look for transactions that are close to expiration and buy/sell the options.

Where To Trade Binary?

My preferred binary options broker is FinPari. They have a great trading platform, plus offer a 50% bonus match deposit if you open an account with at least $250 USD. Finpari is one of the few binary options brokers that accepts US traders.

Binary options can be traded through the Nadex Exchange, which is the first legal US-based exchange governing the financial asset. Nadex has its own browser-based platform that traders can log into through demo/live accounts.

Binary options can also be traded via the Chicago Board Options Exchange. To trade through CBOE, the participant must have a brokerage account approved to trade binary options. Know that not all brokers provide binary options with their trading accounts, so do your research before signing up your money with a broker.

When To Trade?

Time frames are especially important when trading binary options. A trader trading with Nadex can trade binary options that have an expiry between hourly, daily, and weekly time frames. Hourly options offer traders numerous opportunities to participate on a daily basis, even in passive market conditions.

Trading binary options can be a risky pursuit. One must first examine the market and its components and familiarize themselves with how the entity works. Beginners should start off with demo accounts that do not risk real money. After a few months, they can then start trading a live account with minimum deposits.


How to Get Started

The first step is to create a new account with a minimum deposit of only $250.

Once your account is funded and verified, you will be able to practice with a demo account until you become  more skilled as a trader.

Create Your Binary Options Account and Start Trading Now!

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