Manila Sex Guide 2023

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is one of the best places to meet beautiful Filipina girls. It’s a huge & hot sprawling cities with lots of things to do and see.

I spent over 1 year living in Manila, mostly in the upscale Makati district, and learned a thing or two about meeting & dating local Filipino girls. Hopefully, this guide will give you plenty of information & advice on hooking up with the pinay girl of your dreams.

If you are currently in Manila, feel free to add your comments below to improve the quality of this guide.


Manila is a hot city located near the Pacific ocean. It’s one of the hottest cities in the Luzon island region of the country and you’ll find yourself sweating a lot while moving around the city. Many people hang out in local malls to cool off under the A/C, which also makes a great spot to meet some local filipina girls.


The official language of the Philippines is Tagalog but almost all Filipino girls speak English. In fact, Filipinas speak the best English in Asia and many of them are working in call centers (BPO) or online language schools teaching English to Chinese, Japanese and Korean students.

If you really want to connect with Filipinas on a deeper level, try learning Tagalog before your trip. Here’s an article with 100 common Tagalog words to help you get started.

Getting Around

Manila is a massive, overcrowded city with some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. However, there are plenty of ways to get around without too many hassles.

Grab taxis are the easiest way to get around the city. You download the grab app and can easier book a taxi to pick you up and drop you off anywhere.

There are also lots of tricycle drivers who will charge you a couple bucks to take you to your location. This is a convenient method of travel if you are going somewhere close by.

For longer hauls, you can try jeepneys, local buses and the Manila MRT train.

Where to Stay

Most foreigners stay in the Makati while living in Manila. Makati is a big business district where many middle class Filipinos and foreigners live. 

The main nightlife district is located near Makati Ave and P Burgos St so many foreigners prefer to live around this area for easy access to hotels, malls, bars, nightclubs, and bikini bars.

Makati offers lots of guest friendly hotels & budget hostels for travelers looking to save some money.

The Women of Manila

Girls in Manila are mostly brown and light skinned Asian girls with a mixture of Spanish, Chinese and Indigenous descent. Many girls are skinny and short but you will also find some larger, more curvy BBW types in the city.

Due to its massive size, you will also see lots of Chinese, Korean, Indian and European girls in the Makati Ave area as well.

Many of these girls are either working here or backpacking through the city on their way to the tropical islands like Palawan and Boracay.

These foreign girls are easy to meet and strike up a conversation with. With so many good looking Filipino girls walking around, you’ll find it easy to meet & date foreign girls who aren’t getting as much attention as they are used to.

Where to Meet Filipino Girls During the Day

You can meet Filipinas around the city or using online dating apps. 

Manila is a very humid city so many beautiful girls hang out at the local malls during the day if they are bored. Here’s a list of the best malls to pick up women:

  • Robinsons Malate
  • Century City Mall
  • Gioretta Mall
  • Greenbelt Mall
  • Shangra La Plaza

Online dating apps are extremely popular in Manila and there are literally thousands of girls looking to meet foreigners for hookups and relationships. 

FilipinoCupid is the largest online dating app in the Philippines and you’ll find the biggest selection of girls there. PinaLove is another good online dating app as well. Lastly, Tinder is pretty popular in Manila but beware because there are lots of ladyboys (transgender women) using this app.


Manila nightlife is pretty wild on the weekends since most locals are letting loose after a long work week. There are several different areas where you can meet Filipino girls at bars and nightclubs. 

Makati Ave is extremely busy during the night and you’ll find many girls hanging out at some smaller bars having a drink. There are some really nice rooftops clubs just behind P Burgos St. Two of the most popular hangout spots are located just beside each other, Z Hostel Rooftop bar and Pura Vida.

  • Z Hostel Rooftop Bar at 5660 Don Pedro, Makati
  • Pura Vida at Don Pedro, Makati,

Here’s a list of the best hip hop nightclubs to meet girls:

  • Royal Club at 5343 St., General Luna, Makati
  • Black Market at 2723 Sabio St, Makati

Best Bikini Bars & Gentleman’s Nightclubs

Bikini bars are the Philippines’ version of gogo bars where girls dance on stage and try to attract the attention of foreigners. There is no nudity here and many of the girls are lazy and want to go home with you ASAP.

P Burgos St is where you’ll find most of these establishment and you can peek inside and check out the scene for free. Here’s a list of some good bikini bars to check out:

  • Bottoms
  • Plan B
  • Coyote Ugly

Malate/Ermita is another red light district that’s much larger and cheaper than P Burgos St. However, the area is surrounded by a lot of poor people and safety at night is an issue.

Most foreigners head to L.A. Cafe (1429 M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita), the largest freelancer bar in Manila. It’s open 24/7 and always has lots of girls & foreigners hanging out there.

Staying Safe

Manila is generally a safe place to visit but you need to careful while traveling around at night. Drunk foreigners are a target for pickpockets and you need to be careful around the locals because they fight in packs.

Another common problem are the ladyboys who hang around P Burgos St at night looking to rob drunk foreigners. Beware!



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  1. Tagalog is not the official language of the Philippines. English is actually the official language. They tried to pass a law years ago to make Tagalog the official language, but senators from other regions protested and would not let it pass. So English remains the official language of the Philippine government.