How to Marry a Brazilian Woman

Brazilian women are considered to be among the most gorgeous women in the world. It is therefore no surprise that a lot of men secretly or openly fantasize about having one as a wife. Besides their beauty, Brazilian women are known to be free-spirited and easygoing. You will therefore enjoy their company if you happen to be fun-loving as well.

Marriages between Brazilian women and foreign men are very common these days and finding a wife in Brazil is surprisingly easy. This article will provide you with all the information you need to get you a wife of your dreams in Brazil.


Being able to communicate in Portuguese is a must during your search for a Brazilian wife. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil and very few Brazilians speak English. You don’t have to be fluent in Portuguese, but simply being able to hold a light conversation in this language will give you a huge advantage. You can enroll for a short online Portuguese language course to polish your skills and get you ready for the hunt.


Brazilian women are very approachable. They will happily engage you in a conversation as long as they find you friendly and interesting. One thing you shouldn’t do is rush into persuading every random girl you meet to be your girlfriend, even through Brazilian online dating sites. This can scare away potential partners or make you an easy prey for criminals. You should instead try to slowly build a social network of both female and male friends first. This way, you will get to learn a lot about what Brazilian women find appealing while also providing you with a wider selection of potential partners to choose from.

Brazilians love to go out and have fun. You are therefore likely to meet several single ladies around recreational spots such as nightclubs or around the public beaches. Once you spot a beautiful woman who seems to be your type, you can approach her and get to know more about her. If she rejects your advances or fails to impress you, simply try your luck on another one. You might have to approach several women before you meet the right one. Brazilian women love strong men, you will easily capture their attention if you appear confident and self-assured.


In order to sweep a Brazilian woman off her feet, you will need to bring out both your adventurous and your romantic sides. Brazilian women are not only wild and free-spirited; they are also very romantic. You will therefore earn her adoration with romantic gestures such as occasionally taking her out for dinner and continuously letting her know how you feel about her.

Since Brazilian customs require the bride’s family to give their consent before marriage, you must meet with your fiancé’s parents to discuss your future plans for their daughter. This is a crucial step and you will therefore have to convince her family that you are serious about the relationship.


Before marrying your Brazilian fiancée, you will first have to get engaged. This is necessary to show that you wish to take your relationship to the next level. For this step, you will need to buy matching engagement rings for you and your Brazilian fiancée. Both of you will wear these rings on your ring fingers as you prepare for your wedding.

Wedding plans are usually taken care of by the bride and her family. It is up to them to decide on the type of wedding ceremony that you will have and make all the necessary preparations. Most Brazilians are Catholics and are therefore more likely to settle for a lavish Christian wedding with plenty of guests and a priest to conduct the ceremony. It is during the wedding ceremony that you and your Brazilian bride will exchange vows and officially be declared husband and wife.

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