Marrying a Filipina to Gain a Permanent Resident Visa

One of the ways of getting a permanent resident visa in the The Philippines is by marriage. If you are legally married to a Filipina, you can apply for a 13A Permanent Resident Visa {we’ll look at the requirements later}.
However, if you are planning to marry a Filipina, you must follow the legal procedure. Here is a guide to marrying a Filipina to Gain a Permanent Resident Visa

Steps To Marrying A Filipina

  1. Apply for a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry

This is a mandatory document for any foreigner intending to marry a Filipina. The certificate is available at the Embassy or Consulate of your country in the Philippines. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the requirements will vary depending on your country of origin. Ensure to check with your Embassy for further details.

Before you are given the Legal Capacity to Marry Certificate, you will need to have the following documents: An original copy of your birth certificate, Certificate of No Impediment to Marry, Moral Character Reference from a reputable person, and a copy of divorce/death certificate of deceased spouse {if your former spouse died}.

2. Get the marriage license

This is the legal document that will prove you are married
to the Filipina. The marriage license is available at the local civil registrar in the area of residence of your partner. You’ll have to wait for around 10 days for the marriage license. You should also know that the marriage license is valid for 120 days from the date of issuance. If you don’t use it within the stated period, it will be considered void.

Here is a guide to help you get a marriage license in the Philippines.

3. Plan a Civil Wedding

If you want, you can go for the church wedding, but that
option is more expensive. Alternatively, the civil wedding option is the cheaper, faster, and more convenient in the Philippines. The civil wedding can be performed by a judge of the RTC court or the Mayor of your partner’s city. Check out this post to learn more about planning a civil wedding in the Philippines.

4. Get the marriage certificate

After the civil wedding, you can then get the Marriage certificate that must include the details of you and your spouse, along with your signatures and those of the witnesses. After you have the legal marriage certificate, you can proceed to apply for the 13A Permanent Resident Visa. If you are legally married to the Filipina, here are the requirements you must meet:

  • Proof of a legal marriage {present a marriage
    certificate/contract that was given by the NSO}
  • Certified letter of application by your Filipina spouse
  • Immigration clearance certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate of your Filipina spouse
  • Copy of your passport with the date of arrival and Visa
  • Have a savings bank account certificate with a minimum of $10,000. This is proof that you can support your Filipina spouse when you live together.
  • Pay 10,000 Pesos for application and an extra 10,000 Pesos for approval.

You may have to wait for some weeks or even months for your application to be approved and get the Permanent Resident Visa. The Visa is valid for one year, and you have to send an application after it expires. However, it is simpler after the first year and will be valid for 10 years before you apply for another one.

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