10 Best Places to Meet Ethiopian Women in Addis Ababa

Are you looking for a safe and relatively cheap place in Addis Ababa to meet Ethiopian women? This is what you are looking for. Addis Ababa is a city full of activities going on andmost importantly many hard places for leisure, entertainment, and dating spots. These places include but not limited to big hotels, clubs, bars and shopping malls.

1. The Black rose bar

This is a classy bar located just within the periphery of the city. This place attracts all categories of people with them being hot sexy women and mid-age girls who visit the site to see and be seen. Outside the bar are many prostitutes who are young and flirtatious who are easily approachable. This place open from 5:30 pm to late at night.

2. Av at Friendship International Hotel

Av at Friendship International Hotel is a rocky newly open hotel in the city. This hotel is situated at Africa Ave, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is currently the king of all the hotels where you can find Ethiopian women at night. Most of the women found in this hotel are the average working class but as well the lower level is present. Most of the “monkey business” starts at 10 pm and get crazy towards midnight.

3. Stockholm Bar

Stockholm Bar is a collection of clubs not far from the city Centre. This is one of the most famous bars for holding night club activities. It is full of fun activities with middle age girls who are simple to pick up. This mall is located along 1st Bole road, next to Saay Cafe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

4. Morning star Mall

Morning star is a busy mall full of all kinds of women. They are much friendly and approachable especially those who sell at the kiosks. Indeed, it is full of beautiful women who you can quickly hook up with later. This mall is located along Cameroon St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

5. Flirt

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Flirt is famous for nightclub activities. It is strategically situated in the city full of many prostitutes who are eagerly ready for men. It is the craziest bar where a range of events take place. A well-known place for dating all that pertains hookups. This bar is situated behind Edna mall.

6. Dembel City Mall

Dembel is a silent mall but full of many sexy women who all look like the city models and ready for hook up. Most of them are workers in various restaurants and hotels. This mall is located at Africa Ave few miles from Bole International Airport.

7. Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s kitchen is a fantastic place for everyone to dine. It’s the city’s heart of both international and local music. It is most people’s favorite since it is relatively cheap compared to services offered, this is where you expect to find hot romantic women who are gentle and much friendlier. Mama’s Kitchen is located at Wolosefer, front of Tebaber Berta Dani Plaza Bldg.

8. Edna Mall

Edna contains nearly all you need. It provides a refreshing blend of urban luxury with spacious world-class accommodation. Most of the people who visit this place are on vacation hence much easy to find some ladies to hook up with while the vacation and ever later on. This mall is situated along Cameroon St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

9. Lafto Mall

Lafto is the best place to meet shy women who might be afraid of the public. Most of the young women prefer this place when they are with males with the intention of hook up. This mall is situated next to Old Airport along S Africa street.

10. Illusion

Honestly speaking illusion bar seems to be a hunting place. It the best singles bar. It the hot spot of trendiest parties and nightclubs. It has lodges so it is easy to have a relaxed place you can sit and take when you find a romantic lady. This bar is situated along Ras Desta Damtew St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Now there you are, after knowing places to find women in the city, it is your turn to play the role of hunting them.

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