How to Meet Thick Curvy Latina Women

Sexy Thick Latina Girl

Latina girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world when it comes to beauty, grace and style. A Latina woman is a lady who comes from Spanish speaking countries located in North, Central and South America.

In this article, you will learn how to meet and date beautiful Latina girls even if you have no experience with Latina girls.

What’s the Insider Scoop On Curvy Latina Ladies?

Some Latina women can be extremely thick and curvy while others are smaller and petite. This guide will focus on finding, meeting and attracting the thick girls since our Sexy Thick Latina Girls photo gallery is currently the most popular content on this site (heh).

Here’s a few things to know before you try to date a Latina:

  • Latinas are Passionate – They are extremely passionate women who love pleasing their men. Latino culture is heavily based on Machimso, which means men are expected to lead and control the relationship. Most Latino women are great cooks, want to take care of their man and love a confident guy.
  • Learn Spanish – The quickest way to get a Latina more attracted to you is to learn Spanish. I’ve lost count of how many times I got a Latina girl interested in me because I speak fluent Spanish. Spanish is easy to learn and will help you immensely. Without Spanish, things would be much more difficult. English is often their 2nd language and they may not be 100% confident about speaking it all the time. Chopping up game in Spanish makes her more comfortable, and if you make her comfortable, she’ll make you comfortable. Ya dig? Buy
  • Make the First Move – Don’t expect Latinas to approach you unless you are rich or really good looking. The first thing to look for is eye contact. Eye contact is an invitation for you to approach her. Saying a simple “Hello” or “Good Morning” is a great way to strike up a conversation and get the ball rolling.
  • Go for the Instadate – An instadate is when you meet a girl and take her to a venue (restaurant, movie theater, bar, mall) right after you introduce yourself. Latino culture is different from Anglo-western culture so don’t be shy about hanging out with her right away. It’s perfectly normal to go on your first date right after your first meeting.
  • Ask For Her Number or Instagram – Once things start going well, ask for her number and add her to WhatsApp. If she hesitates, then ask for Instagram. Most of the attractive Latinas will have an IG account and this gives you a chance to increase your value in her eyes.

How to Meet Latina Women Around Your City

Your first task is to find out where all the sexy, curvy Latina ladies hang out.

  • McDonalds in Latino Communities – Thick girls like to eat and what better place to find them than McDonalds? The local McDonald’s in any Latino community is full of curvy Latinas who you can meet easily.
  • Hispanic Supermarkets – Go to Google and search for “hispanic” or “latino” supermarkets in your area. These international markets are good places to hunt for Latina women. Also, the food is considerably cheaper than large corporate supermarket chains, too.
  • Hispanic Restaurants – Many beautiful Latina girls eat lunch and dinner at Latino restaurants. Search for them on Yelp and start visiting them on the regular. You can strike up a conversation with one of the waitresses or any of the sexy female customers.
  • Hip Hop Clubs – Many thick Latinas hang out at the hip hop nightclubs in your area. You’ll usually find her chilling with her friends looking for a confident guy to talk to.
  • Gyms – Many Latinas work out to achieve the thick, fit look. Try local gyms in Hispanic neighborhoods to find some gems.

How to Meet Latina Women Online

Online dating makes it much easier to quickly find thick Latina women who are interested in meeting you.

  • Local Dating Sites – Sign up for OkCupid and POF then start searching for Latina singles in your area. Remember to change the “ethnicity” filter to Hispanic/Latino. If you’re looking for extra thick ladies, then simply increase the weight filter to at least 150 lbs.
  • International Dating Sites – Sign up for LatinAmericanCupid and Badoo then start searching for Latina singles overseas. The best countries are: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, and Belize.
  • Use Google Translate – Many Latina women overseas speak very little Spanish so be prepared to translate your messages. Google Translate is 100% free and easy to use.

Travel to Mexico, Central and South America

Curvy Brazilian Women
Brazilian Women

You’ll find lots of Latinas in the US and Canada, but the bulk of the pretty thick Latinas live in Latin America. Here’s a list of some recommended countries and cities to visit:

  • Mexico – It’s close to the USA and flights are very affordable. Flights to Mexico are very cheap. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico City and Tijuana are good places to search for beautiful girls.
  • Costa Rica – It’s extremely safe and tourist friendly. Flights to Costa Rica are cheap and it’s only a 3 hour flight. San Jose and Limon are both good cities to find curvy Latinas.
  • Panama – It’s a retirement haven for Americans and they use the US dollar. Flights to Panama are cheap and only 3 hours away from the US. Panama City and Colon are good spots for finding thick Latinas.
  • Colombia – It’s cheap and the women are absolutely stunning. Flights to Colombia are affordable and it’s closer than Brazil. Cartagena, Medellin and Barranquilla are the best places to find thick Latinas. I’d avoid Bogota since it’s high up in the mountains, cold and the ladies aren’t very curvy. Use Colombian Cupid to set up dates prior to your trip.
  • Brazil – The mecca for thick, curvy Latinas. Brazil is hands down the best country for meeting Latina women in the world. Flights to Brazil are pretty affordable, but the downside is it will take up to 10 hours from the US. You also need a tourist visa to enter Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is the best place to find thick Brazilian girls. Use BrazilCupid to set up dates prior to your trip.
  • Argentina – It’s a bit more expensive than Brazil, but curvy women are everywhere. Flights to Argentina are affordable but again you’ll be spending 10+ hours via airplane. Buenos Aires is the mecca for thick Argentinan women.
  • Uruguay – Not mentioned much but I’ve seen a few very thick sexy Uruguay women during my travels. Flights to Uruguay are a bit expensive and the travel time is long (12+ hours from the USA). Montevideo is the best place to visit.

Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully, this guide will help you meet the curvy Latina woman of your dreams. If you have any experience dating Latina girls, then please share your tips & advice in the comments section.

What was your experience with Latina women? What are some ways to meet thick Latina Girls?

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