Top 25 Most Beautiful Colombian Women

Colombia is a place with people from a different ethnic background, races, and even nationality. That is what makes women in Colombia very unique and extremely good looking. Women here give a great deal of prominence to their appearance and they usually carry themselves out very well too. They have a very dressing sense and are highly fashionable. Since they are part of such a diverse ethnicity, you can find them quite smart and intelligent in many ways too. They are also very sensitive towards family and relationships that make them more human than just attractive models.

Colombian women are great personalities and they are known for their beautiful looks. They are also very health conscious which is why you will find many women here in perfect shape. Because they give looks greater preference, the majority of women here go for plastic surgeries to get those perfect looks. There are many Colombian women who have been celebrities too.

Here is a list of 25 most beautiful Colombian women in the world.

1. Carla Ossa

She is a popular Colombian model who was born on 28th of June in 1985.

2. Danna Garcia

She is a singer and an actress born on 4th February 1978.

Danna Garcia

3. Ana Lucia Domingues

Popular model and a TV actress.

Ana Lucia Domingues

4. Lucia Aldana

She is a model and was crowned Miss Colombia in 2012. She was born on 9th March 1992.

Lucia Aldana

5. Angie Cepeda

She is a popular TV and movie actress born on 2nd August 1974.

Angie Cepeda

6. Sofia Vergara

Actress and model born on July 10, 1972.

Sofia Vergara

7. Shakira

Famous international pop singer and dancer born on 2nd February 1977 in Colombia.


8. Diana Patricia Hoyos

32-year-old TV and movie actress born in Cali, Colombia.

Diana Patrica Hoyas

9. Carmen Villalobos

Popular TV series actress born on 13th July 1983.

Carmen Villalobos

10. Barbara Turbay

Miss Colombia in 2012 and born on 15th August 1991.

Barbara Turbay

11. Margarita Rosa De Francisco

Colombian actress born on 8th August 1965.

Margarita Rosa

12. Paola Turbay

Model and Miss Colombia 1991, born on 29 November 1970.

Paola Turbey

13. Taliana Vargas

Actress, model and TV personality who was born on 20th December 1987.

Taliana Vargas

14. Maria Helena Doering

Actress and model born on 16th November 1962.

Maria Doering

15. Eileen Moreno

30-year-old popular TV and movie actress.

Eileen Moreno

16. Paola Andrea Ray

38-year-old actress and model.

Paola Ray

17. Camila and Mariana Davalos

Colombian twin models born 1988 8th September.

Mariana and Camila Davalos

18. Michelle Rouillard

Miss Colombia 2008 and present model born on 28th October 1986.

Michelle Rouillard

19. Sara Corrales

39-year-old Colombian actress.

Sara Corrales

20. Catalina Aristizabal

Actress and model born 1978 June 5.

Catalina Artistizabal

21. Aura Christina Geitner

Actress and model born in 1967 on 9th March.

Aura Kristina

22. Sandra Valencia

31-year-old Colombian model.

Sandra Valencia

23. Andrea Lopez

Actress born in Cali on December 7th, 1977.

Andrea Lopez

24. Angelica Jimenez

Colombian actress born August 2nd 1974.

Angelica Jimenez

25. Monica Lopera

Actress born on September 10th 1985 in Miami.

Monica LoperaMonica Lopera

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  1. Some cities have more brown woman than others. Others have more white prominence. We are a mixture after all. If you wanna have an idea of how we are look to our national team, you’ll have an idea of Colombian etnicity. I am myself a white Colombian woman but i have friends of all races πŸ™‚

  2. For the most part, your list of the most 25 Beautiful Colombian women all look very “white european” and do not reflex the women of Colombia. I know this from first hand experience having recently spent 3 months in Colombia in Santa Marta, Cartagena, Medellin, Cali and Bogota. Shakira is very beautiful but does not look like the majority of Colombian women of Color! Shame on you! This list could be taken as Racist.