7 Most beautiful places in Texas to add to your bucket list

Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. Filled with light and life; Texas can offer a lot of adventure and fun. It has geographical and cultural diversity. There are many unique places to visit and some thrilling activities to do. It has coastal beaches, daunting mountains, and wide-spread deserts. So, if you are planning a vacation, Texas can give you an extensive range of possibilities.

From metropolitan cities to natural parks, Texas has something for every visitor. Therefore, before you start your journey, here is a list of must-visit places in Texas. All these details will help you to plan the itineraries.

Top places to visit in Texas

San Antonio RiverWalk

San Antonio River is at the heart of Texas. The river walk is stretched alongside the river for several miles. On the way, you can see a lot of restaurants and patios. Here, you can sit and dine while enjoying the view of the river.

This path is below the street level so you can enjoy the waves and winds of the river peacefully. The river walk is very popular among the tourists as well as for the locals. You can take relaxing strolls on this river walk, or you can go for a cruise on a boat. Here, you can opt for normal sightseeing or dinner cruises.

The Alamo

The Alamo is famous as one of the most historic places in America. It was built in 1744, and in 1836 it turned into a fort. During the Texas revolution, this form became very famous. A small force fought against a huge Mexican army in this fort.

Though all of them were killed, their bravery influenced others, and the state eventually defeated Mexicans. Now, you can see some restored buildings and the cenotaphs of the fallen soldiers of Texas in the Alamo. A museum exhibits the history of this revolution and some other artifacts.

Space center Houston

Space center Houston is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas. Here, you can learn many things about NASA, space, and space projects. There is also a possibility of meeting an astronaut. You’ll need a half day to explore the whole place.

There is also a space shuttle replica, and you can walk inside it and get a closer look. You will see the world’s greatest space program and some related artifacts at the center of this place. So, apart from the best beaches in Houston, the Space Center can offer you a thrilling and educating experience.

Big Bend National Park

On the West side of Texas, near the Rio Grande River, you will find some of the most dramatic views of the state. There are canyons, mountains, and the river itself, separating the U.S. and Mexico. The Big Bend National park offers you a great scope for sightseeing.

Apart from traveling along the road, visiting this park will provide you with a wide range of options. You can go hiking and enjoy the adventurous campgrounds. On warm days one can plan a picnic or wade into the water. For birdwatchers, this is a true paradise. You can discover almost 400 species of birds.

Padre Island national seashore

Padre Island is only 70 miles away from Corpus Christi, with approximately 130,000 acres of beaches, grasslands, and dunes. This island is home to numerous migratory birds and sea turtles. Almost 350 types of migratory birds are found in this place.

Here, you must start your tour with the Malaquite Visitor center. You will get good information about this beach and some mobility instruments if needed.

The state capitol Austin

It was built in the year 1888 and is one of the finest capitols in the U.S. 308 feet tall; this capitol has become a historic landmark. In this 22 acre park, you can see huge monuments. One can also visit the interior of this building. In the evening, you can visit the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge for a spectacular view.

Museum of Dallas

From the sixth floor of the Dallas museum, a fatal shot was fired that killed John F. Kennedy. Now, this sixth-floor museum has a detailed display of this murder and represents Kennedy’s legacy. It includes his historical campaigns and his time as a president. While visiting this place, you can also check the John F. Kennedy Memorial.


These are some of the most popular places in Texas. Your trip will be incomplete even if you miss a single place. Every spot has something unique and special to offer. It is not only about the beauty of these tourist spots that attract us. We also learn a lot of things about Texas. So, make sure that all of these places are added to your bucket list when you visit Texas.

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