Planning a trip to Angeles City and wondering exactly how much it will cost you to spend the night with a beautiful Filipina girl?

This guide is updated monthly to reflect the current prices of everything from bar fines to freelancers in Angeles City.

General Breakdown of Angeles City Girl Prices

  • Go Go Bar Girls: 3,000 PHP for bar fine (All-inclusive)
  • Sports Bar Girls: 1,000 PHP to 2,000 PHP when her shift is over
  • Angeles City Bar Fines: 3,000 PHP for the night (Don’t need to pay the girl anything; Giving a tip is up to you)
  • Freelancers: 1,000 to 2,000 PHP (Read our Angeles City Freelancer guide for more info)
  • Massage Girl: 250 PHP for a massage; 500 PHP for extra services
  • High End Escorts: 5,000 PHP & up (Check or google “Angeles City escorts”)
  • Normal Girls: 100 to 250 PHP (Most girls will ask you to pay their taxi or grab)
  • Girls from Dating Sites: 1,000 PHP (Girls from Pinalove & FilipinoCupid may ask for money; Some won’t)

The good thing about Angeles City is most of the bars along Fields Ave Walking Street charge similar rates for drinks and bar fines. The chances of getting ripped off are slim if you stick to the main Walking Street Area.

As for freelancers and/or normal girls, many will offer a high price but most girls will be happy with 1k if you treat her nicely and make her laugh.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your personal experiences to help improve the content of this guide.


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      • Joke? In whole world ever since there r kalapati. Even House Wifes, Office Workers+++ do same 2 have Fun, 2 enjoy Life. Thats reality.

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  8. Joke? In whole world ever since there r kalapati. Even House Wifes, Office Workers+++ do same 2 have Fun, 2 enjoy Life. Thats reality.

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