PinaLove Review 2024

In this PinaLove Review, I’m going to talk about why PinaLove is one of the best online dating websites in the Philippines and how you can use it for free to meet beautiful Filipina Girls.

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What is Pinalove?

Pinalove Filipina Dating Homepage

PinaLove is owned by the same company as ThaiFriendly and it’s one of the largest online dating sites in the Philippines.

Over 1 million are currently registered with the majority of the members being Filipina ladies. It’s 100% free to join and send messages, but I recommend upgrading to a Premium account if you want to maximize your results.

Why Join Pinalove?

One of the nice things about Pinalove is that Filipinas join the site to meet foreign guys. There are three different types of Filipinas you’ll meet:

  • girls who like dating foreigners
  • girls who avoid foreigners like the plague
  • and girls looking to sell massage services.

I would estimate that 75% of the girls on PinaLove are interested in meeting foreigners for hookups and relationships while 25% are looking to make money as a freelance massage therapists.

Sometimes, you’ll receive messages from girls looking to charge you money.

I don’t recommend giving any money to Filipinas online because prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and you could be scammed or worse (caught in a police sting). Also, these girls usually have pimps, which opens up a whole new set of problems.

Avoid the freelancers and focus on the normal girls who want to meet foreigners.


Pinalove has a lot of cool features that make it easy to browse and find cute Filipino girls.

The site is organized into 4 main sections: Browse, Play, Mail, and Lists.

Pinalove dashboard

We’ll go through each of these sections to show exactly how to use these features.

The Browse feature is the most popular tool on the site and it lets you search for girls based on:

  • Gender (includes a ladyboy search feature)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Education
  • Children

It’s pretty powerful and allows you to quickly search for girls throughout the site in a few clicks. You can also filter profiles that have a photo and are currently online to further improve your search results. A green circle next to her picture means she’s online while a red circle means she is offline.

Finally, you can sort your browse results based on 3 filters:

  • Order by Last Active
  • Order by Last Login
  • Order by Join Date (for Premium members only)

The profile interface is clean and simple with a big main picture of the girl along with some more details and a message box to send her a message.

Young Filipina Girl Profile on Pinalove

Pinalove provides several useful features to contact and keep track of any girls you find interesting on the site. Here’s how you can show your interest:

  • Show Interest (Lets the girl know you are interested)
  • Send Message (Type a simple text or photo message)
  • Add Favorite (Saves the profile under your favorites tab)

Using the note feature is a clever way to save written information about her profile for later reference. If you have any problems with a member on the site, you can easily block or report the profile with the click of a button.

Play is a tinder-like feature where you LIKE or HIDE girls quickly. It’s a fun way to browse through cute girls while also hiding girls you aren’t interested in.

Pinalove Play Feature

Next, you have your mail tab where you send and receive personal messages. Your mail is organized into several sections: Unread messages, Inbox, Outbox and comments.

Unread messages show any unopened mail while your latest ingoing and outgoing messages are tracked inside your Inbox and Outbox. Comments is the last tab that shows any comments you received on your photos. This is the least used feature in this section.

Finally, Lists are a powerful way to organize profiles and keep track of activity on your profile.

Lists are broken down into several sections including:

  • Visited Me (Tracks users who visited your profile)
  • Interested in Me (tracks users who showed interest)
  • Favorited Me (tracks users who favorited your profile)
  • My Visits
  • My Interests
  • My Favorites
  • Notes
  • Saved Photos

Some of these features are only available to Premium members but you can track some of them with a free account.

Ease of Use

Pinalove offers both a desktop website as well as mobile app for android and iphone users.

Downloading the mobile app to your smartphone is simple and it’s very easy to navigate the website using the mobile app.

The mobile app interface is simple and smooth, allowing you to browse a lot of profiles very quickly. Sometimes, the app does lag a bit and you may have to reopen it. Fortunately, the app has never crashed since I downloaded it months ago.

Sending messages is a breeze and you can even track whether your messages have been seen inside the Outbox tab of your Mailbox.

Price & Fees

Pinalove is a freemium dating app with free signup along with extra features only available to premium members.

There are two standard memberships: Free and Premium. Free members can send messages every 10 minutes plus can only upload up to 3 photos.

Premium members get access to all the site’s features, can upload to 50 photos, send unlimited messages and get their profile highlighted in the search results.

Pinalove Premium Membership

The costs for premium membership are:

  • 1 month: $24.95
  • 3 months: $49.95
  • 6 months: $69.95
  • 1 year: $119.95

If you want to meet a lot of girls during your trip to the Philippines, then I recommend upgrading your account to send unlimited messages. A 1-month membership is much cheaper than a night of clubbing and binge drinking. Girls are online 24/7 and you can have a beautiful Filipina girl waiting for you once you arrive at Manila airport.

Quality of Girls

PinaLove has a good selection of cute girls and mostly younger girls use this site. If you’re looking to meet a cute Filipina under the age of 30, then Pinalove is a good choice.

Pinalove girl

The site does a good job of weeding out scammers but you will sometimes see semi-pro hookers and ladyboys in the search results. Again, they do a decent job but there is room for improvement.

Manila and Cebu have the biggest selection of girls on the site. Angeles City and Subic can be hit or miss. You can only send out a few messages in your spare time and go out at night to maximize your chances of hooking up. The Philippines has so many girls that you’ll have to turn down a few opportunities until you land exactly the kind of girl you’re looking for.

Sending & Receiving Messages

The female to male ratio on PinaLove is pretty solid so you should experience at 20 to 40% reply rate.

I’ve had the most success sending two types of basic messages:

  • A simple introduction greeting like “Hi my name is X. How are you doing?”
  • A more detailed introduction including information about my nationality, what I’m doing in the Philippines and asking for the date and/or phone number

Both messages work well and some girls will give you their phone number or WhatsApp number right away.

Most Filipinas speak English but some may not feel very comfortable talking in English. It’s best to send a simple message than a more complicated one.

While Pinalove claims to be free, you cannot send more than 1 message very 10 minutes with a free subscription.

Pinalove Free Account

Also, I’ve recently seen some girls can only be messaged by premium members because they are so popular.

If you are serious about meeting Filipinas then upgrade your account and reap the benefits.


Because you can contact more girls and maximize your results. Also, some girls like sending A TON of messages so you cannot really talk to them using a free account. You really do get what you pay for on PinaLove.

The 1 month Membership costs $24.95 but you can get a discount if you subscribe to a long term membership.

Setting Up the “Date”

After sending a few messages, you should ask for her number and move the conversation over to WhatsApp/Phone/Text. Texting is the easiest way to communicate with girls in the Philippines and most of them have a Globe phone number. Buy load for your phone at any local shop or use to add load online.

I prefer calling the girl on the phone to make sure she is legit and not a scammer. There are some scammers on PinaLove who put up fake pictures and pretend to be someone else. Talking to the girl on the phone eliminates this problem.

After talking on the phone for a few minutes, you can move back to texting to setup the date. You don’t need to take out filipinas to an expensive dinner date like western chicks.

Simply invite them over to your place to hang out and most of them will say yes if they like you. Sometimes, you’ll be better off meeting at a local bar or restaurant if she is very shy. Always pick a place near your room so you can bounce back to your room once you are done. The further away you meet your date, the harder it will be to bring them back to your place.

Common Scams to Avoid

If you use Pinalove long enough then you will encounter several scams on the website. It’s important to never send money to anyone online regardless of how desperate they may appear.

Here are some of the most common scams to avoid on Pinalove:

  • Send load scam
  • Buy flight or airline ticket scam
  • Send money to Grab/Taxi to come visit you
  • Sick mother or relative
  • Send money for food
  • Etc

Philippines is a poor country and many young girls use online dating apps to earn money instead of searching for a legit job. Don’t enable these girls by sending your hard earned money to them.

If someone is harassing you then you can report them by clicking the “Report” button.

Is PinaLove Legit?

PinaLove is one of the best online dating sites in the Philippines and it’s pretty easy to meet filipinas on the site. I recommend getting a premium account and using it to meet beautiful pinays easily.

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  1. The last week or so about half the ladies accounts were flagged as “very popular girls” and you could no longer contact them using free messaging. Today (7 Mar 2019) all of the ladies accounts are flagged and you cannot contact them without a Premium Account.

    The comment above “but I think it still works for free users” is wrong, at least for me. It appears Pina Love NO LONGER HAS FREE MESSAGING !!!

    I understand Pina Love is trying to better monetize the website, however current move will put Pina Love in a death spiral… and the site will die. Lack of participation by the men will drop immediately. Because of the lack of participation by the men, the ladies will be leaving the site…. and the death spiral will continue.

    • I created a fake dummy account and sent a few messages but didn’t use it that much. Sounds like they are destroying the “freemium” model and trying to force everyone to upgrade. That’s horrible. One of the nice things was you could message for free then upgrade if you chose.

  2. Pinalove is no longer free as of 1st Feb 2019. They have STOPPED ALLOWING FREE USERS TO communicate. And the way they did this is very sly IMHO … They’ve started making 100% of female users appear as “very popular”. And free users cant message “very popular girls” … so essentially they have started “forcing” people to upgrade while still pretending to allow free messaging with 10 minute delay.

    The 10 min delay messaging was working till last month, but now they’ve hidden that off.
    I am a regular user and I am saying this from personal experience – verified after complaining to support too.

    • Thanks for your comment. I always have a premium account but I think it still works for free users. I haven’t seen any changes on the site or anything. I also created a brand new test account and was able to send a message but still see the 10 minute limit message.

  3. It looks like a good site, but I don’t get nearly the amount of responses on Pina Love as I do on Filipino Cupid. Maybe it’s just me. I can start a profile on Filipino Cupid one night and have over 100 messages waiting for me the next morning. Whereas with Pina Love, I’m getting no love. 🙁

    • FilipinoCupid is 4x as big as PinaLove so you will get more messages there. Also, you need to upgrade your FilipinoCupid profile to send your message while you can send for free on PinaLove. I’m going to give FilipinoCupid a 2nd try though and post my results soon.

    • You will (hopefully) quickly learn that those messages on FilipinoCupid are spam messages with people trying to get something (most likely money) from you.

      Please don’t be one of those people that are gullible and very easily tricked. Go ahead and pay for FilipinoCupid, but you should notice when you see a bunch of people sending the exact same messages to you, using pictures that you think are real.

      Don’t be tricked.

      The firsy sign that something is wrong is if you are getting a lot more than a few messages, daily, on any site. Many of them are men using female’s pictures to trick you, get you emotionally involved, then tell you they have a problem and you must send money to help them.

      There are other worse scams you won’t even think of on your own that can occur. Without even paying for FilipinoCupid, I was able to tell that majority of messages were fake based on the fact that many of them all started EXACTLY the same.