Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic: Which is Better?

Thinking about planning a trip to Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic? Here’s a question that I came across on Facebook recently:

I need some input from you brothers. I’m planning a vacation for my birthday in June. I’ve decided between the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. I’m leaning towards Puerto Rico as my first choice. How do Puerto Rico treat the single American brothas?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited both Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Both countries have their pros and cons.

In this article, I’m going to compare Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to help you decide which country you want to visit.


US citizens don’t require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. You can stay 30 days in the DR as long as you have a valid passport.

Puerto Rico is a United States territory and all Puerto Ricans are American citizens. You can move to Puerto Rico and stay there as long as you like. I love the ease of entering Puerto Rico and they win the visa comparison by a long shot.

Winner: Puerto Rico

Cost of Living

If you are looking for the cheapest trip, then Dominican Republic is much cheaper than Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is an American territory, you will find USA prices everywhere. Everything from hotels to nightclubs is expensive in the capital of San Juan.

I remember having to pay $20 cover charge to enter a popular nightclub in San Juan.

Dominican Republic is cheaper for tourists. According to Numbeo, Dominican Republic is around 27% cheaper. Your dollar goes much further in Hispaniola, the name of the island that separates Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Winner: Dominican Republic


Both countries have an amazingly rich food culture, but I’d have to lean with Puerto Rico as my preference. Too many street vendors were selling cheap food in the DR that I wouldn’t dare eat. I mostly ate at the hotel during my trip just to be safe.

Puerto Rico has many clean restaurants and better street food. The fruits & vegetables were really good in Puerto Rico.

Winner: Puerto Rico


In Puerto Rico, you will notice the nightlife is rich and livingly. There are many nightclubs in Old San Juan with some pretty expensive cover charges. The good part is that some of the women I saw at these nightclubs were stunningly beautiful. Puerto Rican women really like to dress up and look good for their men.

In Dominican Republic, I noticed most of the nightlife was geared towards prostitution or going to local nightclubs. I once got refused entry into a Dominican nightclub because they didn’t like my shoes. That was the first time I ever got refused from a club.

The pay for play scene in DR is huge. You will see many older white men walking with young Dominican girls half their age. Poverty is a huge problem so many of these girls are single mothers and desperate for extra income.

It’s also more dangerous in the DR due to the language barrier and poverty. Lots of American men go missing in the DR every year so please be careful!

Winner: Puerto Rico


This is a tough choice for me because female beauty is reliant on preference. Do you prefer big booty brown girls or a wide selection of body types and skin tones?

Puerto Rico is very diverse and I saw a lot of hot young girls as well as attractive female tourists. The selection there is incredible so you can sample a wide variety of ladies.

On the other hand, your typical Dominican chick will be brown skinned. There isn’t as much genetic diversity in the DR. DR girls are beautiful, too. It’s hard to choose between the two countries. Here’s some tips on meeting women in the Dominican Republic.

If I had to choose one, I’d say Puerto Rico because I have access to a wide variety of girls who dress nicer.

Winner: Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico wins this category hands down. I felt much safer and had zero problems walking alone at night. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic has plenty of issues with safety.

I mentioned earlier that American men go missing in the DR every year. Part of the problem is that men don’t understand how low DR salaries are. If you go down their showing off your money, you will attract bad people.

Many DR girls will work with a local boyfriend to set you up and rob you. It’s the reality of life in the DR. I didn’t have any problems because I don’t show off my money or wear expensive jewelry to attract thieves.

Some of you brothas love to show off. LOL. I’d recommend Puerto Rico if that’s your thing.

Winner: Puerto Rico.


The DR has some of the nicest beaches in the world. Punta Cana and Boca Chica are absolutely stunning in comparison to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has some nice beaches on the Caribbean side, but you will find more eye candy in the DR.

Winner: Dominican Republic


I hope I covered everything on both beautiful countries. If I were planning a birthday vacation, then I would go to Puerto Rico over the Dominican Republic. It’s safer, easier to get around, and you will have a good time.

The DR is nice, but I would rather go to Brazil and spend my time there. Brazil offers more women, better food, better beaches and a better overall experience.

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Written by Tarik
I'm the founder and editor of ExpatKings back in 2015. This year, our goal is connect our audience with each other using ExpatKings as a platform to engage in useful travel discussions and establish live meetups.
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  1. Good article but I might add something that you didn’t touch on:DR is one of the most racist countries in the world when it comes to black people so as a black man I would avoid that country altogether… Visit Brazil or Columbia instead If your looking for Latin women….

    Hope you do an article about Indonesia or Malaysia in the future, from what I’ve read The Philippines can’t hold a candle to them when it comes to quality and quantity of women especially Indonesia.

    • The Dominican Republic is not “racist” like you said. People of different color visit every year and that makes your false accusation look bad. You’re just making this conclusion on paid anti-propaganda that you read out there.

    • Nice article but you missed something very important about race. In DR you won t see any of those ridiculous race groups ….The previous first lady of USA, who is a beautiful, elegant, smart and classy woman was constantly attacked and name called only because of her race, wake up people! USA is propably the most racist country in the world where races is taking to a whole different level. Oh BTW I have visited 15 countries between America and Europe so what I have written is base on experience….

    • Also as in anywhere in the world if you are cheap and go to cheap areas in any country what do you expect… Do the math…

  2. Are you kidding me really!most Dominican population are blacks! and is safe it all depends where you go edits do more research!

  3. Do the light skinned Domicans call themselves…Indegios?

    • I dunno. They have different words based on your class/race: Morena, Negra, Blanca and Mestiza. Where did you hear Indegios?

  4. That is why I want to go to a beach in Dominican Republic…eye candy.

    If women in Ukraine and Russia are not so darn attractive and feminine and marriage-minded, I would have returned to Latin America in a heartbeat.

  5. I live in PR presently and let me tell you I have met a frew good people but over all I am out of here………..this is the Most Racist place I have lived in My Life….Im a Black Man that grew up in Alabama during the 60s to the 80s ..they don’t have nothing on these Puerto Rican’s and whites down here
    ….smfh ……..been here 10 months though it would be a great place to live….not so much…..if you are aBlack Person from the Mainland find another place to reside….they only like white people and Puerto Rican’s down here #facts…..yes looking for somewhere else to call home pr is sad with the racism A lot of white and Puerto Rican’s are very hateful and Racist#facts

  6. Tarik are you a pimp?Can you post a link of the study of the genetic diversity in DR?Brazil offer more women?Hookers?Brazil is a big country ,where will you go?Dominican food is just street vendors?Where the heck do you stayed?Are you sure you visited the DR and not Haiti our neighbors?

  7. I am currently in the Dominican Republic and I will say they have a lot of ethnic diversity. In the capital and most of the little beach towns you’re mainly going to find majority black women of different complexions and looks. If you like black women you will be in heaven. They have gorgeous brown skin as well as light skin black women with big booties like in the early 2000s rap videos. Unfortunately the Black Dominican and black Haitian women most of them are prostitutes. You will see a small percentage of Latina women in the beach towns as well and in my “opinion” they are a lot more attractive than the black ones. Here are some Nice Beach area towns that are not full of tourists to check out are Puerto plata, Samana, Rio San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, Cabrera, but the downside of these areas you will need to be able to speak Spanish or have a translator. I recommend getting on Badoo and Tinder and looking for some women in the capital Santo Domingo who speak English and wouldn’t mind working as a guide. Places I would recommend avoiding Boca Chica it’s very ghetto you can get robbed very easily at gunpoint. I would also recommend avoiding La Romana a lot of murders have happened out there of tourists as well as locals. The colonial zone is a nice place to check out in the day time.
    Becareful at night it can be dangerous if your by your self. Also be careful if you’re driving the police will pull you over and they will demand that you give up the money or go to the ATM do not argue with them just pay them the money and go about your day….. refusing to pay can mean ending up in third world jail…… if you want to be in a more Gringo Americanized beach towns I recommend Punta Cana as well as sosua you can get by in these areas well without speaking any Spanish. If you love Latina women Santiago and La Vega are the two cities to check out. But in these places I recommend you know how to speak proper fluent Spanish. Here you have real women that are not prostitutes. Unfortunately for some of the black tourists a lot of these women may not be too interested due to discrimination. The Latina women in these parts of the country prefer white men and Latino men. The capital of Santo Domingo is a nice place to visit if you can speak fluent Spanish. You have a great mix of ethnic diversity in the capital you will find any kind of women are looking for and you have a lot of educated women as well that can speak English, have jobs, and careers. Also you can only stay 30 days at a time in the Dominican Republic. At the airport that is the max you want to be in the country when you sign the paperwork. It is also not free to enter the country there is a $10 Visa tourist tax. When you leave it’s similar to the Bahamas you will be paying an exit tax. If you’re a non Caucasian or black American I would recommend you fly directly into Punta Cana or Santiago over Santo Domingo airport. They may hassle you and give you a tough time if you are Latino American or Asian American or even Arab American.

  8. a lot of ethnic diversity. If you like black women you will be in heaven. Here are some Nice Beach area towns that are not full of tourists to check out are Puerto plata, Samana, Rio San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, Cabrera, but the downside of these areas you will need to be able to speak Spanish or have a translator. Places I would recommend avoiding Boca Chica it’s very ghetto you can get robbed very easily at gunpoint. I would also recommend avoiding La Romana a lot of murders have happened out there of tourists as well as locals. If you like latina woman Santiago and la vega are the place. Unfortunately a lot of these women are racist towards black men, they prefer white men and Latino men.


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