Randy Flagg: Black American Man Living in China

Today’s spotlight is about Randy Flagg, a Black American Man who lives in Shanghai, China.


Randy’s story is probably familiar to a lot of Black American men who experienced prejudice, obstacles, and outright hatred while trying to survive in the Matrix, USA.

Randy Flagg says he lived in New York and moved to China in 2002. Multi-talented, street-wise, steeled with an American literature degree, and spirited with entrepreneurial zest, he moved to Shanghai in 2005.

Randy made a great video series discussing exactly why he lives in Shanghai and never wants to return to the United States.Randy dealt with lots of hardships including police discrimination, living in foster homes, and other difficult situations that built him into the man he is today.

While Randy admits that China has its problems, I really enjoyed his video sharing 10 reasons why he would rather live in China than America.

Randy’s LifeStyle in China

How does Randy support himself in China? He works as an English teacher and owns a successful Youtube Channel with over 1 million views called Loser Laowai in China.

If you are interested in teaching English in China, then check out Randy’s video series on How to Find an English Teaching Job in China Even If You’re Black

China offers black men the opportunity to earn a very good living in the world’s second largest economy. If you have skills, then China may be for you.

Connect with Randy Flagg

Randy is currently married to his beautiful Chinese wife and they have a young Blasian daughter together. He is available for contact via his Youtube Channel and Twitter account.

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Subscribe to Randy Flagg’s Youtube Channel and send him a tweet to learn more about living in China as a black man. If you are interested in meeting Chinese women, then check out our reviews of the best asian dating websites.

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  1. I was looking for Randy Flagg’s YouTube channel, and I ran across “Expat Kings”. After reading some of your headlines, as a black women (African-American), my feelings are hurt. Many topics are directed against the AA woman. Considering the alarming rate of the absent black father in the U.S., I’m disgusted!!!!




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