I personally use a lot of tools, resources & websites to support myself while living overseas fulltime.

I’ve personally tested each and every single one of the links listed on this page.

Many of these resources help me do everything from earn full-time income online, meet foreign chicks with ease, find a cheap flight to a different country or even manage my stock portfolio and bank accounts.

I could not imagine my life without these AMAZING resources listed below. Hopefully these companies and services will change your life like they changed mine.

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links and I do earn a commission if you make a purchase. Please understand that I have personal experience with all these companies and only recommend them to help you get closer to traveling overseas and becoming a borderless citizen. 

Build a Money Making Website

My favorite strategy for earning passive income is through blogging and websites. You can make money 24/7 and Google and Facebook send you traffic for free. Here’s what I use to run my websites.

Siteground – #1 Web Hosting for All my websites

I use Siteground hosting for 100% of my websites (including Expat Kings). I’ve used quite a few web hosts over the years but Siteground has the best customer service I’ve ever seen hands down. They have a cheap startup plan for new websites.

Try Siteground

Wordpress – My Favorite Free Website Builder

Lots of companies like Wix or Weebly charge you a monthly fee to build a website but nothing comes close in my opinion to Wordpress. Wordpress is 100% free content management system with over 20% of all website currently build on their framework. If you sign up with Siteground, you can easily install Wordpress on your domain name and have a working site up and running within minutes.

Try Wordpress

ConvertKit – The Email Service Provider I Use for Expat Kings

ConvertKit is my current email service provider and the thing I like the most is that it always works and people enjoy reading my emails. My current bill is only $50 per month (under 3,000 subscribers) and it’s easy to create a broadcast to email my list. You need a good email marketing service to collect emails, market your products and stay in touch with your subscribers.

Try Convertkit

Build a Money Making Ecommerce Store

Selling things online is my 2nd favorite way to earn passive income. It’s a bit harder to setup, but you have the ability to generate massive revenue once you build trust in your niche.

  • Shopify – The #1 way to setup an ecommerce store and start making sales. Their platform is powerful and very easy to scale.
  • WooCommerce – A free Wordpress plugin for selling stuff on your Wordpress site. Highly customizable and compatible with 3rd party merchants like Paypal & Stripe for accepting payments.

Make Money As an Online Freelancer

Freelancing is the easiest way to start making money today. You offer a service to clients, keep them happy and they will pay you well for your expertise and time.

  • Upwork – My favorite freelancing site with thousands of jobs to choose from. They pay weekly via direct deposit and it’s easy to find all kinds of jobs from writing to voiceover work.
  • Freelancer – Another great site where I found high paying clients who need important tasks done.
  • Fiverr – I am used to buying things on Fiverr for $5 but they recently changed their terms so sellers can charge any price for their services. You can earn big money on here by offering a simple service to the masses.

Save Money

  • Rakuten – My preferred cash back rewards program whenever I book a room on Booking.com or buy something online. Get $10 when you sign up today.

Passports & Visas

Obtaining the an official government issued passport and proper visas is a requirement for many countries outside of your home. If you don’t have these two things, then you won’t be able to pass through customs and immigration.

US Passport Information

Check this list of local state passport agencies to find one closest to you. Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party passport service to obtain your passport like VisaHQ.

Obtaining a Travel VIsa

US Citizens can enter 160 countries without a visa needed for a short term stay. Many countries issue visas on arrival as well. Check out this website for a complete list of visa free countries for US citizens.

Here’s a list of the most popular destinations for ExpatKings readers (in terms of traffic and pageviews) for US citizens:

  • Brazil: Visa Needed
  • Philippines: Maximum stay of 21 days
  • Thailand: 30 day visa on arrival

Find Cheap Domestic & International Flights

Booking international flights is an art. Here are the best airline ticket discount sites I use to save time and money.

  • SkyScanner – The best website for scanning lots of flights all in one place
  • The Flight Deal – This website posts last minute flight deals daily from major US cities.
  • How to Fly For Free – A good ebook showing you several ways to fly for free using rewards credits.
  • Skiplagged – Find cheap airline tickets by searching secret destinations that the airlines never reveal.
  • Expedia – I use Expedia to book a lot of my shorter international flights because the fees are low and they accept Paypal.

Accommodations (Hotels, Hostels, Condos & Apartments)

Finding good accommodation is an art. The cheapest option is to stay in a hostel where you share a room with several other people and get your own bunk bed. This is how I started traveling at first because you can find great hostels all over the world for as little as $5 per night. You can meet amazing people and you save a lot of money.

Now, I mostly stay in hotels, condos and apartments for more privacy and peace of mind. It’s nice to have your own personal room so you can do whatever you want.

Here’s the sites I use to find accommodations when I travel:

  • Booking.com – The world’s largest online travel booking site with a huge selection of rooms.
  • Agoda – This app is extremely popular in SE Asia and I love their 2% cashback partner program.
  • Traveloka – Sometimes you can find the cheaper hotel rooms using this app.
  • AirBNB – The easiest way to find an apartment in a different city. Save $30 on your first booking if you use my referral link.
  • Craigslist – Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a good apartment on Craigslist.


A good tip is to start meeting women online a few weeks before your trip. This is known as pipelining. You build some online relationships then meet the women when you arrive.

  • Badoo – A huge social networking site with tons of women looking to meet men.
  • Facebook  – The #1 social networking site in the world. Very easy to add friends and start conversations.


If you do not manage your finances well, then your trip will be cut very short. The two most basic steps are to reduce your debts while increasing your passive income.

Reduce Your Debts

The Debt Snowball – a system coined by Dave Ramsey that shows you how to eliminate your debt quickly by throwing excess cash towards the debts, thus giving you an automatic ROI.

Recommended Books

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – A famous personal finance book written by Robert Kiyosaki that shows you the difference between the poor, middle class and the rich.
  • The Millionaire Fastline – A great book that shows you how to retire rich early in life instead of the standard save & invest until late retirement model.

Sites/Blog I Read

  • NomadPhillipines – This is one of my favorite Southeast Asia blogs to read. Written by a former US expat.
  • GuysNightlife – He’s a loyal commenter on this site and writes about SE asia as well.
  • Passport Heavy – A cool travel site run by Jubril Agoro. He runs one of the coolest travel channels on Youtube.
  • WorldDatingGuides – Awesome site with accurate information on meeting girls in cities all over the globe.
  • NomadicMatt – One of the world’s most popular travel blogger who showcases his triips abroad.

Recommended Forums

Dominican Women Forum – All about Dominican ladies and the town of Sousa (little Brazil). See photos, videos and comments about the country and actual ladies you can meet in the clubs, bars and beaches when you are here.