How to Rent an Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest city and definitely the most popular tourist attraction site in Brazil.

The real estates found in Rio de Janeiro are many but highly competitive to find best apartment simply because many tourists from different countries across the world visits the city.

This does not mean there are no apartments which stay empty for some days, but the most famous apartments can rent out quickly after the visitation, so when looking for somewhere to stay, one has to act very fast to find a pleasant place to stay.

Apartments in Rio de Janeiro are advertised on ZAP, newspapers and rental agencies and it is important to have such documents before looking for places to reside.

How to find an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1. Choose a location

Deciding on which side of the town to find an apartment is done depending on preference of the location, some would like to stay next to the beach like Leblon or Ipanema while others want to live in the more adventurous or traditional areas as Botafogo.

2. Consider your budget

Also, the most important thing to note before deciding on where to stay is your budget. This is because rental prices differ in every real estate across the city .The most costly places to reside in the city are Leblon and Ipanema followed by Lagoa, Gavea and Jardim Botânico. The cheapest ones are found in Santa Teresa and Tijuca.

3. Have necessary documents

Having the required documents is an important factor before proceeding with finding apartments to stay, confirming to be with all the required documents at hand is very important.

Requirements from most rental departments are vital in order to bid successfully to the preferred apartment. These requirements always include a tax number (CPF), an official bank account in Brazil, a guarantor, an insurance policy and a non-refundable deposit of one to three months. Unfortunately, not all rental agencies will accept such details only.

4. Navigate the Zap homepage

Many apartments’ offers are usually found on the Zap webpage. This site shows apartments available across the city and the central business district.

It is also one of the leading sites in real estate statistics basing on the information noted on the page. This site lists over 7000 apartments found Rio de Janeiro city alone.

Bedroom apartment details and images are also displayed on Zap. One can navigate for location, features, price, size and other amenities like swimming pool or golf grounds.

It is very essential to make an observation on how long data been in place on this site, this is because well known apartments can be rent very fast and it won’t help trying to find at older sites.

5. Find a rental agency

This is another way of finding an apartment in Rio de Janeiro. Walk to one of the well known and most trusted rental agencies like Julio Bogoricin or Apsa. These rental agencies usually inform their clients immediately of any apartments vacant and also give keys to them to look at the room or will plan a visit.

6. Look at newspapers

It is an old fashioned way but definitely one of the best alternatives. This is because many Brazilians prefer to place their advertisements in most celebrated newspapers like the O Globo’s Sunday paper but the apartments posted there are only the expensive ones compared to those advertised online.

7. Ask the doorman


This is always done when looking for a building you can’t locate, it is important to ask the doorkeeper or guard if there some apartments vacant in that building, some of the apartments available here might not have been advertised on other sites.

One of the limitations of this method is language barrier; therefore it is always important to contact the body advertising apartments, majority of which are not able to speak English. But with some Portuguese words, they will understand and be ready to help.

Finding an apartment in Rio de Janeiro can be a very difficult task and tiresome, but with persistence and determination one can find an excellent, homely apartment in the city.

In Rio, most apartments are rented for an average period of 30 month but have no furniture and appliances.

Their rental prices are always negotiable depending on the owners of these real estates, especially if the area receives fewer clients, but other deductions like tax are added every month.

List of Recommended Websites to Find an Apartment in Rio

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