5 Reasons Why Russian Women Are Sexier Than American Women

Philko, a 20 something Black American Expat living in Russia, posted a controversial Youtube video where he compares Russian women to American Women. He’s originally from NYC and claims he has enough experience to make a logical comparison between the two.

In his video, he lists 5 main reasons why Russian women are sexier than American Women:

  1. No Fat Women (1 out of 50…so rare)
  2. Shortage of Men (Way more women in Russia creates healthy competition)
  3. Russian women care about looking good for men. They go to gym
  4. Russian women eat better diets
  5. Overall Quality is better – No obesity

Watch the full video below (it’s informative, funny, and a little mean):

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  1. Very well put article. It’s such a shame so many american women are undesirable, both on the outside and inside. now i’m not saying there aren’t any decent american women, I just find a lot of them to be unattractive and unhealthy. Slavic women will always be number. 1, in my opinion.

  2. I have visited Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. I will visit Slovakia and Hungary in the near future. I will make it to many other European nations in the future. I have heard good things about Poland and Ukraine.