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Why Visit Colombia?

Many of you have been asking me about Colombia and how easy it is to get laid there. It’s pretty darn easy to bang a lot of Colombian chicks if you’re a regular looking guy with a little bit of cash.

Because you’re a premium subcriber, I’ll lay out all the details you need to have an awesome vacation in Colombia and get laid like a boss.

Best thing about Colombian is the girls are super sexy and aim to please their man. You may have problems getting rid of these girls once you get them in bed. They like to stick around to cook and clean, etc. But that’s another story for another article if you guys are into the marriage thing!

Before Your Trip

Ok playboy. Before you visit Colombia, you need to get your passport, money and visa situations in order.

Colombia is a medium-sized country in South America and you cannot enter the country without a passport and proper visa. If you don’t have these things, you will get denied entry at the airport.

Not cool man! I know many of you already have passports but I keep getting emails from brothas who don’t have their passport yet.

My word of advice: Go get your passport ASAP! You are missing out man. These Colombian beaches and ladies are waiting for ya!

It’s super easy to get your passport, too.

For US Citizens, check out this article: How to Get a US Passport.

If you live outside of the US, then Google your local travel consulate and inquire about the fees.

Already got a passport? Great. You also need a Colombian visa. Good thing is Americans get a free 3 month visa on arrival. Very easy to travel there. All you need is the passport.

If you live outside of America, check out your visa requirements on VisaHQ and see what you’ll need. It’s a little bit more difficult but just follow the steps and contact your local Colombian consulate.

Fill out your application, pay your fees and wait a few days for the Colombian consulate to approve your visa.

Next, let’s talk about money. Too many of you brothas have dreams of banging bad azz Colombian girls but don’t have the cash any decent international playboy needs to fund his lifestyles.

The most basic solution is to get a job where you live.

Yes, I know. It’s basic advice but most millionaires in places like America still work regular jobs yet end up retiring with millions.

If you don’t have a job, get off the damn couch and start searching for one. Here’s a couple job sites that I’ve used with success:

Polish and update your resume or hire someone to make a decent resume for you.

A job will give you the necessary cash flow to invest in more profitable ventures like real estate, stocks, businesses, etc.

If you already have some cash but are looking for passive income, I personally fund most of my international trips using affiliate marketing.

Making money online allows me to live the lifestyle of a traveling digital nomad who works from anywhere in the world.

Affiliate marketing is when you refer people to buy a product or service and get paid a commission. It’s 100% passive income and I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply selling other people’s products on my website and social media.

Next, create your own product or service. This is the best way to build up a solid bank account and fund your trip to Colombia.

I’ve gotten my best product ideas by simply talking to other people and asking questions.

For instance, I came up with the idea for this guide after reading a comment on my Youtube channel. Talking to potential customers and doing research will help you create a product.

What You’ll Need for Colombia

Here’s a list of things you’ll need for your trip. Traveling to South America is a very different experience so here’s what I recommend getting before you go:

– Passport
– Colombian Visa
– Unlocked Smartphone
– Travel Insurance
– Local Sim Card
– ColombianCupid Membership
– EasySpanish Step by Step

Passport and visa are self-explanatory. You’ll need an unlocked smartphone to use overseas. A lot of US based phones won’t work in Latin America or you cannot use a local Colombian SIM card. Check out this post for the best unlocked smartphones for international travel.

Travel insurance is really important for short vacations. Bad things do happen at times but most of you will be fine. You need to invest in some insurance in case you get sick, lose your valuables or get robbed. It’s just a useful precaution that will pay dividends if something goes wrong.

Colombian local SIM card you can buy at any convenience store. A local SIM is a must have to call and text Colombian girls without worrying about expensive roaming charges.

ColombianCupid is the largest dating site in Colombia and you can start chatting up some Colombian girls before your trip. There are tons of hotties on this site with great bodies and spectacular asses. The downside is you need to pay for send messages but it’s only $25 per month. If you’re visiting Colombia for a couple of weeks, it’s a small investment.

EasySpanish Step by Step will help you learn Spanish and improve the quality of girls you bang by A LOT. Imagine seeing the sexiest Colombian lady on the planet but you have no idea what’s she saying.

Now, I speak fluent Spanish because I learned in elementary school. But if you don’t speak Spanish, then you’re going to have a hard time connecting with some girls. You’ll be stuck with the Colombian girls who speak English, limiting huge amount of your sex potential. heh.

You don’t need to be fluent. Basic Spanish is gold and you can get by learning the most common words and recognizing some simple phrases.

Where to Go in Colombia

There are 4 main hotspots in Colombia

– Cartagena
– Cali
– Medellin
– Bogota

There’s some diamond in the rough in places like Buenaventura and El Choco where the black Colombian girls have some monster asses. However, there is a lot of poverty but I like seeing poverty and struggle during my vacations. Also, safety is an issue here. If you’re adventourous, then Buenaventura could be a fun trip for you. Otherwise, stick to the 4 main places.

Cartagena is the biggest tourist destination in Colombia and home to some of the sexiest Afro-Colombian women in the country. There are some fine ass ladies in this city with sexy bodies, cute faces and plump ass. Damn! Plus, the weather is on point and you’ll love feeling the Caribbean breeze every morning. If you like beaches and the Caribbean vibe, then go to Cartagena.

Medellin is the 2nd best spot IMO because the city is known for its women and nightlife. You’ve got a lot of cool stuff to do here plus it’s the plastic surgery capital of the world. lol. Expect to see a lot of huge racks in Medellin. If you’re a breast man, you’ve really enjoy this place. Plus, it’s much cheaper than Cartagena because Cartagena is completely setup for tourists. Cheaper prices and pretty girls? Sign me up. The girls in Medellin are more Euro-Latina and White looking.

Cali is a hidden gem in Colombia IMO because the weather is a bit cooler and the city is cheaper overall. It’s located in a valley so you won’t be sweating your ass off all day long. The girls here are super cute and have nice big asses. However, Medellin is a better overall value and Cali is someplace I recommend after you visited Cartagena and Medellin.

Bogota is actually the biggest city in Colombia but it’s also located 8,000 feet above sea level. Most of the girls are all white Colombianas so if you’re into blondes, then go to Bogota. I experienced a bit of culture shock in Bogota since I saw maybe 3 black people in my 2 weeks stay. Very interesting but the people of Bogota were really nice and didn’t give me any problems.


If you’re serious about banging girls, then get a private room or condo. I actually started out traveling in hostels because they are cheaper but you don’t have a lot of privacy. If you are spending a long time in Colombia, then hostels will save you a ton of money. But for a couple weeks, get a private room.

Here’s are some sites to help you book a room:

– Booking


Get a room as close to the nightlife as possible because it’s much easier to pull girls and bring them back to your room. You’ll also be able to pickup horny European and American tourist girls too if you’re into variety. Hotels outside the city center are cheaper but logistics become a huge problem when you meet a sexy girl and need to get back to your place. Taking an Uber far away could scare her away plus you’re spending extra money commuting to the hotspots every night.

I like staying in a hotel where I am in the middle of the action by simply stepping outside. It saves time, energy and money. Plus, you bang wayy more girls.

I’m working on some articles of the best guest friendly hotels in Colombia but for now, just check the sites above and make sure you are close to the city center.
<h2>Banging Colombian Girls</h2>
Now, let’s get to the meat of this content. You’ve laid the foundation for success so let’s jump right in.

Colombian girls are super passionate and love to please their men. They are mostly traditional (although western influence has changed things over the years) but still look for a good, stable man to protect and provide. That’s how it is in Latin American culture. There is no big government to replace the man’s role in society. Because of this, tone your game down just a tad when coming to Colombia.

While American girls need to constantly be gamed and entertained, Colombian girls are looking for more traditional masculine roles: confidence, money, leadership, and maturity. Younger girls prefer older men and it’s possible to hook up with a Colombian 20 to 25 years younger than you. This is completely normal so don’t be afraid to aim for the youngest, hottest Colombian girls. Matrix USA rules don’t apply here.

Leave any hangups against females at the aiport. Come to Colombia with an open mindset and experience a small rebirth. This is the best way to bang a lot of girls.

So now, you’re in Colombia and you’re looking for some sexy girls. Here’s the 4 best ways to meet Colombian women in no order of importance:

– Nightclubs
– Malls
– Discotecas
– Online dating apps

Nightclubs are a good place to start in Colombia because the country is obsessed with salsa dancing. If you’re a good dancer, then you get bonus points with Colombian girls. But be careful because girls normally travel in large groups and approaching can be difficult. Hip hop themed nightclubs are easier to meet girls and take them home. Standard nightclub game applies here. Dressing good is the easiest way to stand out. Make your normal approach and try to bounce her to another place or back to your room. Don’t just collect phone numbers. A common mistake is to go out looking to get phone number’s. Assume it’s the last time you’ll see here so isolate and take her back to your place.

Some useful Spanish phrases to help you get her back to your room:

“Tu Eres bonita. Quieres Ir a mi quarto? “You are beautiful. Do you want to go to my room?”

“Tu quieres venir comigo? ” Do you want to come with me”

“Tengo hambre. Vamonos al un restaurante cerca mi casa” “I’m hungry. Let’s go to a restaurant near my home”

The idea is to bounce her from the club to your place without dealing with any hiccups or cockblocking. If you’ve tried everything and she won’t go, then you can get her Whatsapp as a last ditch effort. Not ideal but some Colombian girls are shy and a bit intimidated by brothas. Perhaps a 2nd date or lunch near your place is all you need to seal the deal.

Here’s some useful tips when going to nightclubs:

– Use Uber: Do not hail the local taxis at night. Not very safe.

– Don’t get drunk: I recommend pounding water, soda or juice. Alcohol not only brings up a host of problems for international playboys (lost phone, stolen money) but makes it more difficult to give your Colombiana the best sex of her life. If you do drink, limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks max. Colombia is still a poorer country and lots of locals love to take advantage of a drunk ass foreigner. Beware!

– Watch out for Scoppnia: There’s this crazy powerful odorless drug in Colombia that causes you to lose all conscious behavior even though you appear normal. Don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t let anyone touch your face. If you get affected by this drug, then head to the hospital ASAP.

– Avoid fights: Every once in a while, a jealous local Colombian will pick a fight with you to get you locked up or deported. Remember why you came: to enjoy the weather, food and beautiful girls. Don’t give a damn about the local guys. Be friendly. Be cool. You’re still a foreigner in their country.

Malls are the best tool for an international playboy who prefers meeting women in the daytime. In a country full of beautiful women, most Colombian girls will be caught off guard by your approach. Speak a little Spanish and complement her to gauge her interest. If she likes you, you’ll notice all the common signs: eye contact, playing with hair and clothes, touching you, etc. Colombian girls won’t be shy if she likes you. They don’t send mixed signals like American/western chicks.

Head to the malls and see who catches your eye. If she’s working there, then you’ll need to get her local phone number and send her a text. Also, you can ask here what time her shift is over and invite her to your place for an instabang. If she denies your request, try a nearby eatery or coffee shop. Don’t do expensive dinner dates in Colombia. Most women don’t eat out much and you might send the wrong messages.

Sexy girls are all over the malls shopping and they aren’t expecting to get approached by a man like you. Approach her and try to bounce her to another place for something small like a smoothie or soda. A small kiosk in the mall is a good place to grab a small bite and talk a bit. After that, bounce her back to your place. Unemployment is high in Colombia so most girls won’t be busy during the day and can hang out with you immediately.

Discotecas are Colombia’s word for brothels where P4P (pay for play) goes down. Colombian men aren’t shy about P4P and you’ll see a ton of it in places like Cartagena and Medellin. In fact, many brothels have Colombian girls dancing for free while you can take them home or upstairs for some fun in the sack.

Most brothel girls are young and will charge you some money to hookup with them. Again, some of you don’t get involved in P4P and that’s fine. I’m giving you the option because some incredibly sexy girls will spend the night with you for only $20 bucks. That’s a pretty good deal considering taking a girl out in the USA is much more expensive where you factor in transportation costs, food, drinks and the possibility of returning home without getting any play. Some guys like to reframe P4P as giving your Colombiana allowance money for school or helping her pay her rent.

Here’s a list of the best brothels in Colombia:

Getting a girl is pretty simple. You simply get her to your table, tell her you want to smash and pay the money at the counter. You can take her upstairs or go back to your place. Sometimes, taking her upstairs is safer because she won’t be able to rob you back in your room. If you really like the girl, then you can take her home and even hang out with her for the rest of your trip. Arrange a deal where you pay her some money to spend the rest of the trip with you to cover her schooling and rent expenses. Most girls will prefer this option plus you have someone to help you learn Spanish faster and show you around the country. If you’re a solo traveler, getting a local GF for your trip makes everything a bit more special.
Online dating apps are very useful for finding a trip companion to spend your vacation with you. ColombianCupid is the best overall Colombian dating app and you’ll find the hottest Colombianas on this site. It’s worth the small investment of $25 per month because you get to interact with girls before you travel there. They can help you learn Spanish faster, give useful travel tips and advice and protect you from scams.

If you’re too broke to afford ColombianCupid, then Badoo is your best free option. The girls on Badoo are much younger and the replies rates are usually lower. It’s more of a social networking site but people use it for dating too.

More Helpful Tips

– Bring your own Condoms: South American condoms are whack and you’re better off bringing your own stash of condoms. Trojan Magnums are the best condoms.

– Exchanging Money: Exchange some cash into Colombian Pesos. The exchange rate for Pesos to usd is like 500 so keep this in mind.


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