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  1. Filipinas have black blood. They are actually blasians and many have admitted this to me with out me asking. And of course, after studying their history, it was confirmed to me that the first people in Phillipines were Africans. Who later mixed with different Asian travellers. Hence we have what we see today. There’s even still a province called Negros Occidental, which is one of the areas where black natives can still be found. Which are not as the Aetas. Which I believe is Filipino for black people. Also loosely called Morena. This is why if you pay attention, you can actually see how Filipino people have different facial features and personality than a typical Asian. Others also mixed with Spanish blood, but very few. Most are pure Filipino, whatever that means.

    • Filipinos are originated from Malay & Chinese (mix breed) should have asked some well educated Filipino person. Filipinos are seen more likely dark-skinned people, but the thing with their skin is they darken quite easily, even if you put them under the sun for only a few minutes. Most of them are always under the sun due to geographical position of Philippines, and therefor indigenous people of the Philippines have dark brown to black skin color. Filipinos are also brown, white and yellow. Majority of which is still light brown to brown skin. (that’s is my view and I know also I have learn from many Filipino friends)